Memory Foam Pillow Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

Basic Info

Memory foam has a unique feature - highly sensitive to pressure and temperature which enables memory foam pillows to create a mold around the shape of user's head, neck, shoulders, ears and other body parts which it comes into contact with.

There are two basic types of memory foam pillows - shredded and one - piece. Shredded pillows consist of many separate pieces of memory foam while one-piece pillows consist of one large piece of memory foam.

Pros Cons
good pain relief off-gassing problem
soft but supportive above-average weight
no need of shaking possible sleeping hot

Types Of Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows come in various styles and shapes, you may choose a suitable one according to some specific personal needs.

Contour (one-piece) - A contour memory foam pillow refers to a slab of viscoelastic foam with a subtle groove and two horizontal ridges. Given its strong supportability to the head and neck, the memory foam contour pillow is best suited for those with neck problems and back sleepers too.

Shredded - Similar to the shape of traditional types, shredded pillows get their name because they consist of many tiny separate pieces of memory foam. Shredded pillows are known for their excellent breathability and no sleeping heat. Since shredded memory foam pillow can have its loft adjusted, all-sized people with different sleeping positions preference can find their ideal shredded pillows.

Wedge - A memory foam wedge pillow is shaped like a big triangle, slanted with a slope. Wedge pillows can be used for medical reasons to elevate swollen legs and support one's upper body.

Traditional - Traditional pillows are the most common to see pillows in our daily life and it can also be divided into two kinds. The first one refers to those tailored by a single seam around all four edges, while the second has a double seamed edge which allows for a higher loft.

Memory Foam Pillow As A Group


Mostly range from $30 to $80 but shredded pillows is a little bit pricier than contour ones. Higher price does not necessarily result in higher owner satisfaction.


Memory foam pillows as a group have a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years. Shredded pillows tends to last longer mainly because they can be fluffed.

Less neck pain

Memory foam pillows are generally effective in reducing neck pain. However, people who like softer pillows may feel more neck pain due to its excessive firmness.

Supportive & Conform

For most people, memory foam pillows provide adequate support. Memory foam pillows are excellent in providing good conforming experience to the neck and contour ones in particullar perform better than other types.


“Moldable" is not a strong point for memory foam pillows. Shredded pillows can offer a limited moldability compared with other types.


Due to its material characteristics, memory foam pillows are not conformtable to cuddle.

Won't shift/clump

Contour memory foam pillows are much more stable than shredded ones.

No sleeping hot

The shredded pillows are cooler than the one-piece, contour type.

No noise & No initial odor

The pillows themselves are quite silent.

Due to the manufacturing and packaging, memory foam pillows tend to emit chemical-like odor for the first a few days.

Fewer allergies

Memory foam is hypoallergenic but dust mites still may live inside.

People of different sleep positions

Back sleep friendly: These pillows provide the most benefits for back sleepers.

Side sleep friendly: Since memory foam loft cannot be altered and they are mostly over firm, so some side sleepers may be dissatisfied.

Stomach sleep friendly: Since memory foam loft cannot be altered, so stomach sleepers may find it too high and too firm.

Easy to lift, move

Memory foam pillows are slightly heavier than other types of pillows.

Easy to maintain, clean

Shredded memory foam pillows require occasional fluffing. The shredded ones can be washed by machine while the one-piece, contour type should be spot cleaned.

Top-Rated Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods
Snuggle-Pedic Italian 6-inch Classic Brands Conforma Malouf Z Zoned
Price $50-$60 $50-$70 66 $35-$47 $52-$83
Type shredded shredded 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece
Shape traditional traditional traditional traditional traditional
Cover polyester, bamboo polyester, bamboo rayon from bamboo cotton blend polyester, rayon from bamboo
Firmness med to firm med med-firm med-firm med or firm
Loft 2-6" (low to high) 6" (high) 6" (high) 5" (med-high) low loft (4")
mid loft (5")
high loft (6")
Best Suited Person Size all size average, large-sized people average, large-sized people average, large-sized people low loft : small, avg
mid loft: small, avg, large
high loft: avg, large
Best Suited Sleep Position all sleep positions side and back sleepers side and back sleepers side and back sleepers low loft: back, stomach
mid loft: side, back
high loft: side
Weight (queen) 3.5 lbs 3.2 lbs 4.3 lbs 4.3 lbs 2-4 lbs
Sizes Available standard, queen, king standard, queen, king queen queen, king standard, queen, king
Washing Requirements machine washable machine washable spot clean spot clean spot clean
Outstanding Feature loft and firmness can be altered 90-day return policy using different texture on two sides of the cover inexpensive price various models available