UNBIASEDMemory Foam Hybrid Mattress Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

About Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

PROS. Effective conforming / support combo • Many firmness options • Motion isolation

CONS. Questionable lifespan • Heat retention possible • Often heavy

COMPETITION: See Mattress Type Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Memory Foam Hybrid Mattresses compare to other mattress types.

BASIC INFO: Memory Foam Hybrid mattresses combine innerspring bases with memory foam layers (about 2 inches), and the amount of memory foam they contain vary by model.


Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress
Lifespan Memory Foam Hybrid mattresses on average have about a 7-year lifespan which is similar with memory foam mattresses.
Price Vary from $500 to $4000+ due to different sizes and materials
Conforming ability Memory Foam Hybrid mattresses perform above average in conforming support.
Less back pain The good conforming ability also benefits a person's back.
Maintenance Most memory foam hybrid mattresses are no-flip. Rotating the mattress about three times a year will help resist sagging.
Motion Isolation The more memory foam it contains, the better motion isolation the mattress will provide.
No Sleeping hot The sleeping hot problem occasionally happens in summer, and thicker models have a bigger chance of heat trap.
No odor A few owners report that memory foam hybrid mattress smells like some kind of chemical or musty wood due to the manufacturing process.
No noise Memory foam hybrid mattresses tend to be quiet except the spring bases may squeak occasionally.
Edge support Compared to most all-foam mattresses, the edge support of hybrid is much better for sitting or sleeping.
Fast break in Memory foam hybrid mattresses require a longer break-in period which may last for a month.
Sex suitability The lack of bounce reduces sex suitability to some degree.
Need of topper In most cases, no toppers are needed to improve the comfort.
Heavy person friendly People with 200-220 pounds tend to enjoy a superb experience on memory foam mattress while people over 230 pounds may sink in too much.
Light person friendly People under 110 pounds may not benefit so much as heavy people.
Easy to move,transport The memory foam mattresses generally weigh about 100 pounds, so it's not easy to move them alone.

Price & Value

Prices of memory foam hybrid mattresses range from $500 to $4000+ due to different materials and manufacturing process.

Thickness & Performance

According to the different amount of memory foam they contain,memory foam hybrid mattresses can be divided into three types. Hybrids with 1.5 inch or less memory foam tend to perform like innerspring mattresses, hybrids with 3 inches or more of memory foam tend to perform like memory foam mattresses, and hybrids with 1.5 - 3 inches of memory foam perform like the combinations of those two types.

Conforming Ability

Hybrids mattresses with 3 inches or more of memory foam perform better in conforming-to-the-body ability and supportiveness than the other two types.

Motion Isolation

Hybrids mattresses with 3 inches or more of memory foam are superb in motion isolation which means a person's movement will not transfer to the other side of the bed.

Sex Suitability

Hybrids with 3 inches or less memory foam are good for sex because the spring bases will provide some bounce while a thicker memory foam proves to be unsuitable for sex.


Memory foam hybrid mattresses often cover 5 to 20 years warranty varied by brand and type. Know more at Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Brands Comparison

Beautyrest Black Mattress Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Posturepedic Hybrid Mattress Serta Icomfort Hybrid / Iseries Mattress Tempur-Pedic Flex Mattress
Price Twin $1150- $3700 $750- $1750 $450-$1570 $650-$2950 $1600- $3200
Price Full $1500- $4150 $1000- $2000 $540-$1700 $900-$3000 $1950- $3550
Firmness soft to firm soft to firm soft to med-firm soft to firm med-soft to med-firm
Price Queen $1600- $4300 $1100- $2200 $600-$1880 $1075-$3275 $2100- $3700
Thickness 12.5"-17" 11.5"-16.5" 10.5-14.5" 12"-16" 10"-12.5"
Price King $2000- $5050 $1450- $2800 $750-$2330 $1600-$3900 $2700- $4300
Warranty 10 years non prorated 10 years non prorated 10 years non prorated 10 years non prorated 10 years non prorated
Support advanced pocket coil pocket coil advanced pocket coil pocket coil in coil pocket coil
Comfort Layers gel regular foam, memory foam, regular foam,latex regular foam, gel memory foam gel memory foam, regular foam regular foam, gel memory foam memory foam
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