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What You Need To Know

PROS. All-latex mattress • Premium materials • 2 in 1 firmness option • 100% Talalay latex

CONS. Limited availability • Limited variety • Limited owner experience data • Only be available online

COMPETITION: See Side-by-Side Mattress Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Zenhaven Mattresses compare to other mattress brands.

BASIC INFO: Manufactured by Saatva Company, Zenhaven, rated as one of the best latex mattresses, is an all-latex mattress on the online market which aims to compete in the luxury bedding field depending on the chic design, unique material, and fair price point.
With Zenhaven mattress, your sleeping experience on the luxury all natural latex mattress will be improved due to its high-end materials and craftsmanship.

Overall Ratings

Our ZenHaven Mattress ratings are based on consumer experiences - the data below is unbiased with truthful contents and up-to-date product information. Take a look at how ZenHaven Mattress rates comparing to the average level of mattresses.

Price $1300-$2500
Lifespan If people want to use the mattress for a long time, Zenhaven will be the best choice because natural latex is very durable.
Firmness Available in two different firmness options, the firmness of Zenhaven mattress was respectively the Luxury Plush which is about 4-5 out of 10 on firmness scale and Gentle Firm which is about 7-8. Zenhaven itself rate its firmness as the medium to med-firm.
Conforming ability Zenhaven made of much more premium Talalay latex changed our opinion on latex. The Talalay latex which is supple and soft provides people great body contouring and comfort.
Motion isolation The partners who sleep on the Zenhaven mattress won't be woken up when the other one makes some movement, like changing the sleep positions or getting in the bed during the deep night.
Edge support The edge support of Zenhaven mattresses performs better than most mattresses. People can sleep or sit on the side of the bed with minimal sinkage due to the 100% latex construction.
Sex friendly Given the all-latex construction, Zenhaven of great bounce is sex friendly.
No initial odor Like most mattresses, Zenhaven got a high score in the aspect of not having the unpleasant smell due to its all natural Talalay latex construction.
No sleeping hot The Zenhaven sleeps extremely cool due to the latex combined with the wool layer and organic cotton which has the function of dissipating the heat produced by sleepers and keeping them cool.
No noise All-natural all-latex mattress keeps silent, the same with Zenhaven mattress.
No need of topper People may decide whether to add a topper to the mattress depending on their self-requirements due to the dual firmness of Zenhaven mattress.
Short break-in period People will get adjust to Zenhaven mattress in a short time since it is made with no odor, no sleeping hot and no noise.
Easy to maintain You had better rotate the mattress 2-3 times a year to avoid its wear and sagging. However, Zenhaven is a mattress which is not flippable.
Easy to move Zenhaven will be difficult for people to move since it is very heavy due to the latex which is a kind of heavy material. People who like moving the mattress had better choose other brands of the mattress.

Company Info

BedsReview provides accurate company information of ZenHaven Mattress - see how the company rates comparing to the average level of mattress manufacturers.

Name Zenhaven
Time in Business 2011
Return Policy 120 days with shipping fee
Custom Service Call anytime at 1-877-517-6266
Specifics Disclosing Fair
BBB rating A+
Warranty 20 years, 20 non-prorated
Purchase Channel online

Price & Value

As a luxury and high quality all-natural all-latex mattress, the price of the Zenhaven mattress is comparatively lower than the average luxurious mattress.

Maintenance & Waranty

Zenhaven mattress provides a 20 years non-prorated warranty. As for its maintenance, Zenhaven will be difficult for users to maintain since it is designed with no flip.

See Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Series & Models Info




Feature:breathable, great resilience, no sleeping hot


Mattress Height:10"

Size:Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Selling Point:less motion transfer, all-natural talalay latex, durable mattress, firmness variety

All Models Comparison

The table below rates all the models of ZenHaven Mattress in price, size, thickness, firmness, cover, layer, mattress type and more. It contains the general information of mattress model for customers to choose.

Twin XL$1,400
Cal King$2,500
Mattress typenatural latex
Firmnessmed and med-firm
Coverorganic cotton
Comfort layernatural talalay latex
Comfort layer thickness1.5"(both sides)
Base layernatural talaly latex
Base layer thickness6"
Best uselong-term / regular

Sleep Position Suitability

This table below shows ZenHaven Mattress models for sleep position based on your personal size and body type. It helps you choose the most comfortable mattress models.

Ave-sized People
(130 - 230 Lbs)
Large-sized People
(230 + Lbs)
Small-sized People
(Under 130 Lbs)
Zenhaven Back Sleep Friendly
Side Sleep Friendly
Stomach Sleep Friendly

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