BedInABox Bed Review

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Better sleep is just a box away. BedInABox offers you comfortable and affordable sleep with several models that can satisfy all your needs.

Life Span9
Support & Comfort9.2
Motion Isolation9.1
Value for Money9


Since its official incorporation in 2006, BedInABox, sticking to the original intention of creating affordable luxury bedding for budget-conscious people, has gained good reputation and wide popularity owing to the high-quality memory foam mattresses that give users deep sleep and good health.

You can choose from all the seven models that BedInABox has developed based on your needs, and enjoy exquisite sleep experience worth between $399 and $2,598. It’s necessary to have a thorough understanding of what you are going to purchase before signing the check. Here we present you with detailed information of value to help you find your dream mattress.

Pros Cons
Wide selection of models available
Must keep the mattress for at least 60 days before returning
120-night free trial
Unpleasant initial off-gassing
20-year warranty
Poor edge support
Free shipping in the US
Nonprorated and prorated warranty

Detailed Evaluation

Models & Specs

The brand now has seven models for you: Pacbed Lite, Pacbed Original, Azul, Tranquillium, Adagio, Silk Symphony, and Serenity. They are of different types (1-sided or 2-sided; memory foam or inner spring), with various levels of firmness, and other similar yet distinguished features, attempting to offer whatever you expect from a mattress.

Model Price Type Total Thickness
PacBed Lite $399-799 1-sided memory foam 9''
PacBed Original $679-979 1-sided memory foam 11''
Azul $799-1,799 1-sided memory foam 11''
Tranquillium $999-2,098 1-sided memory foam 11''
Adagio $959-1,899 2-sided inner spring 13''
Silk Symphony $1,049-1,599 2-sided memory foam / foam 14''
Serenity $1,299-2,598 1-sided memory foam 13''

Composition & Construction

The PacBed Lite and PacBed Original, two of the most popular and established models, use soft polyester knit on the cover layer, gel memory foam and density support foam for comfort and support layers. You can enjoy cooler sleep on a well-supported bed to relieve the pressure from one-day work.

The Azul, a relatively new model, has moisture managing material on the cover and uses gel memory foam to construct the comfort layer. To achieve better support, it applies both density foam and density support foam at the same time, accommodating all users no matter you prefer to sleep on your back, side or stomach.

The Tranquillium adopts the Tencel cover that has unique moisture management properties on the smooth top cover, absorbing sweat and giving you a cool night sleep. Similarly, the model uses density foam and density support foam on the comfort layer and support layer, ensuring you a better sleep experience.

The Adagio offers you a mattress that features a perfect blend of support and comfort with the two-sided hybrid materials. On the top layer, it uses rayon blend knit with temperature regulating material on one side and rayon blend quilt on other. As for the comfort layer, the Adagio uses regular foam and support foam of different heights on both sides. And 7 inches of pocket coils do the trick supplying good support.

The Silk Symphony uses quilted silk blend on one side and silk blend on other on the top layer, quilting foam and gel memory foam on one side and regular foam on other on the comfort layer, and density support foam on the support layer. This model can accommodate different sleep positions, relieve pressure and avoid sleeping hot.

The Serenity has its cover layer made of gel-infused foam quilted into temperature regulating material, comfort layer of memory foam, and support layer of density foam and density support foam. Lying on this bed, you will toss less thanks to the relieved sleep.

Lifespan & Durability

You don’t want to be bothered with frequent changes of your bedding furniture, which makes the lifespan a factor of great import. According to most owners, the BedInABox mattress can be used for at least 6.5 years, longer than that of the average mattress brands. Once it is moved into your bedroom, you can enjoy the comfort at ease for a very long time.

Edge Support & Conforming

Mainly made of memory foam, the mattress tends to lack adequate support when you sleep or sit on the edge area, especially for a large-sized person. All models perform quite well when it comes to conforming, and they can alleviate as much pressure as possible. You will wake up relaxing and refreshed in the morning.

Motion Transfer

If you tend to share your bed with another person, and he or she happens to get up or shift positions a lot, BedInABox is what you need. It’s a foam mattress, so it can absorb motion and minimize disturbance. However, the model Adigo might not be the best choice if you expect very high in this aspect because it contains spring that may cause transfer more easily.


PacBed LitePacBed OriginalAzulAdagio(medium soft)Serenity5
TranquilliumAdagio(medium firm)Silk Symphony(medium soft)6
Silk Symphony(extra firm)7

Initial Odor & Noise

Based on the user feedback, the BedInABox mattress has the unpleasant initial odor that dissipates rather slowly. So you might need to ensure better ventilation in the bedroom in the first few days. There is no need worrying about that it generates too many noises because the foam-based mattress tends to be quiet on every occasion. However, you may want to be more careful when you decide to purchase the model Adagio with its spring support that may squeak a little.

Sleeping Hot

Although the gel-infused memory foam in the BedInABox mattress seems to reduce the heat retention to a large extent, owners find themselves waking up feeling uncomfortably hot sometimes. In fact, the BedInABox mattress performs better in this aspect than most brands using foams. For those who have particular needs of cooler night’s sleep, models Tranquillium and Adagio would be better choices compared to other ones.

Topper Usage & Pain Reduction

Only when you are in the habit of using a topper to improve the comfort, otherwise you don’t need one for BedInABox mattress. And good news for those who suffer from serious back pain, the BedInABox mattress helps to reduce the pain owing to its high-quality construction and better support power.

Easy to Move and Maintain

You don’t need to flip a memory foam mattress unless you’ve purchased the two-sided models. Although the mattress doesn’t have grips or handles, it is easy to lift and move because it tends to be lighter. Besides, it won’t take a lot of trouble to maintain the mattress, and all you need to do is rotate it two or three times a year to ensure its support and comfort.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

We all want to sleep on the “perfect” mattress that suits us the best, but how to make sure that it is the one? Your size and sleep position you prefer is a factor worthy to be taken into consideration. The BedInABox mattress provides you with seven models and attempts to satisfy all your needs.

For back sleepers, it is of essential importance to have medium firm mattress that is soft enough to contour to your body and firm enough to offer enough support.

For back sleepers, we recommend all models except for Adagio (medium firm side), and Silk Symphony (X-firm side).

For side sleepers, a mattress with slight softness is quite necessary to cushion the shoulders and hips where the most weight occurs.

For side sleepers, we recommend PacBed Original, Adagio (medium soft side), and Silk Symphony (medium firm side). You may want to keep away from the Adagio (firm side), and Silk Symphony (X-firm side) if you prefer to sleep on side because these two models are too firm to provide proper softness.

For stomach sleepers, a firmer mattress that keeps you afloat is a necessity.

For stomach sleepers, we recommend models PacBed Lite, PacBed Original, Tranquillium, and Adagio (medium soft side).

Customer Service

Free Sleep Trial

The BedInABox mattress offers a 120-day free sleep trial service, with a mandatory 60-night break-in period included, which means you cannot return it within two months after it is delivered to your door. The company has the right to reject the order from those who have returned a mattress previously.

Return Policy

If you find the mattress unsuitable in the end, you can always return it after the 60-night trial with a full product refund guaranteed. In addition, all the costs like shipping and handling fees caused by the return of the mattress shall be covered by the company.


Except for the model PacBed Lite, BedInABox offers a 20-year warranty for all mattresses: non-prorated in the first 10 years; 50% of the original price during years 11 to 20 and 5% more for each successive year. You must unbox the mattress within 30 days after its delivery, otherwise the warranty will be voided.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

BedInABox mattresses are shipped anywhere in the U.S. free of charge, including Alaska and Hawaii. The company promises 2-5 days shipping around the country. You can cancel the order before the mattress has been shipped within 24 hours. In the case that the product has already been shipped, you can still refuse to accept it when it’s delivered to you, but you will have to pay 10% to 20% of the mattress price to cover the shipping and restocking fees.

Specific Models Information