Denver Bed Review

Overall Rating



You can find innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses here.

Life Span7.2
Support & Comfort8.5
Motion Isolation7.8
Value for Money8


As a factory direct provided product, Denver is able to offer a great mattress made from much better materials in their state-of-the-art facilities providing full control over product prices and quality.

Prices range from $150 to $1,250 depending on different models and sizes. Compared to its main competitors, the price of Denver is comparatively lower than the mattresses with similar specifications. The cheap mattress models of Denver are more suitable for temporary and occasional use. Let’s start with the good and not-so-good part and read more about the brand through the article.

The Good
The Not So Good
Affordable price
Blow average longevity
Good return policy
Limited conformability
No initial odor
Problem of squeak
Less heat retention
Limited pain-relief potential

Detailed Evaluation

Basic Information of Denver Mattress

Like most bedding brands, Denver has offered a series of products that feature various specifications and attempt to meet all your expectations from a mattress. The table below lists some of the major factors of critical importance for you to choose the product that suits you the best. You can also turn to the retailers for more specific information about the particular mattress that you have your eye on.

Size Price Mattress type Thickness Firmness Comfort layer
Twin, Full, Queen, King $150 - 1,250 Innerspring 7.5 - 14'' Medium-soft to firm
Fiber, foam, memory foam

Lifespan & Firmness

There will be a sagging problem occurring to an extent after three years' use based on the current owner experience data. Its firmness ranges from medium soft to firm. People can choose the mattress based on their requirements.

Conforming Ability & Couple Friendly

It varies by the model regarding the conforming ability of Denver. However, individuals who want good pressure-relieving effect need to look elsewhere. The suitability for sex is just so-so due to the less comfort of Denver mattresses made from innerspring.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

Models with individually wrapped coils perform well in the aspect of motion isolation. For this reason, people won't be disturbed when his or her partner moves or changes positions. Similar to other mattresses, Denver performs no better than other brands on edge support, a little bit inadequate for people to sit or sleep on the edge area of the mattress.

Initial Odor & Sleeping Hot

People seldom complain about the significant initial odor or off-gassing. The problem of heat trap is not obvious either, which can be one of the most significant advantages of Denver mattress, making it an excellent choice for those who often sleep hot in the night.

Noise & Topper Usage

Different from most mattresses, models without individually wrapped coils are probably to squeak, creak or clunk. Some people choose to add a topper to the Denver mattress to improve its softness and comfort.

Break-in & Move

The break-in period of Denver is shorter than that of the average mattress. Denver mattress can be moved and lifted easily due to its limited material thickness. Aside from that reason, some models of Denver also have handles that make it easier to move.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

Although Denver has developed dozens of products to satisfy all the sleepers’ needs, the table below has made a general analysis of the performance of them for people of different sizes and in various sleeping positions.

Sleep Position Ave-sized People (130 - 230 lbs) Large-sized People (230+ lbs)
Small-sized People (Under 130 lbs)
Back Sleep Friendly Good Good Good
Side Sleep Friendly Good Fair Good
Stomach Sleep Friendly Good Fair Good


Because Denver mattress is designed with no flip, you can rotate the mattress from head to foot 2-3 times a year to prevent its sagging and wear. Besides, you can also add a topper to prevent the mattress from being scratched or torn.

Customer Service


Denver usually provides a 10-15-year non-prorated warranty depending on the model, on par with or better than mattresses from other brands.