Serta iComfort Bed Review

Overall Rating



Comfort reimagined.

Life Span7.2
Support & Comfort7.5
Motion Isolation9.2
Value for Money8


As a leading brand across the globe, Serta is designed to provide exceptional comfort. Their product portfolio spans every price point and adopts different materials, so that everyone can find the sleep comfort they deserve. Serta iComfort, being one of the most popular products under the brand of Serta, applies the advanced sleeping system to realize a high-end comfortable sleeping experience.

On average, Serta iComfort is significantly more expensive than both the average mattress and those mattresses with generally similar specifications. Investing in such highly-priced furniture can be a big thing for you, so it’s good to know what you are going to take home before any decision made. We present some details about Serta iComfort mattress to you in this article, hoping to give you a hand to select the most suitable mattress.

The Good
The Not So Good
Above average edge support Poor support
Many models and firmness levels
Questionable durability
Widely available in stores
Good motion isolation
120-day trial Mostly quiet

Detailed Evaluation

Models & Specifications

What we have here is a table that rates some of the models of Serta iComfort Mattress in price, size, type, thickness, firmness, etc. Hope that you will get a general idea about the brand or particular products.

Model Mattress Type Price Thickness Firmness
F300 Memory foam $2,275 - 2,900 13.5'' Medium-soft
F500 Memory foam $2,775 - 3,400 14'' Medium
F700 Memory foam $3,720 - 3,900 13.5'' Medium-firm
Savant III Plush Memory foam $1,450 - 2,300 11.5'' Soft
Savant III Plush Cushion Firm Memory foam $1,450 - 2,300 11.5'' Medium-firm
Prodigy III Memory foam $1,750 - 2,600 12.5'' Medium-soft
Guidance Memory foam $1,150 - 2,000 10.5'' Medium-firm
Foresight Memory foam $850 - 1,800 9.5'' Medium

Lifespan & Pain Relief

About one-fifth of its owners report significant body impressions or a loss of support occurring within three years of ownership. Some owners report that sagging of the bed can cause at least some discomfort and back pain.

Conforming Ability & Couple Friendly

iComfort mattresses tend to moderately conform to one's body resulting in well-distributed support and pressure-point relief. iComfort mattresses provide no or limited bounce, which is often considered as not so friendly for couples.

Initial Odor & Sleeping Hot

Many owners report unpleasant smell when the mattress is unpackaged at first, which makes Serta iComfort unsuitable for those who are allergic or very sensitive to smell. Users who live in warmer climates report heat trap problem.

Motion Isolation & Noise

If you and your partner often complain about being disturbed when one of you get up or change positions in the night, it means your mattress performs terrible in motion isolating. It’s reported that Serta iComfort, as a memory foam mattress brand, has outstanding reputation in this aspect. And, the mattress itself is silent under all conditions, but the foundation may make noise in some instances.

Topper Usage & Break-in Period

To improve softness and comfort, about 7% of owners say that they need to add a topper to the mattress. Break-in time tends to be slightly longer than that of the average mattress.

Move & Handle

The thicker and more expensive iComfort models may be cumbersome and difficult for one person to move, transport and maneuver.

Person Size & Sleep Position

It can be very confusing to select the mattress that suits you the best from a variety of products. The table below has made a general recommendation for you after taking both the sleep position and person size into consideration. Serta iComfort mattress provides a 120-day free trial service, so you can try the mattress before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Sleep Position Ave-sized People (130-230 lbs) Large-sized People (230+ lbs)
Small-sized People (Under 130 lbs)
Back Sleep Friendly All F700, Savant III Plush Cushion Firm, Guidance
All but F700, Savant III Plush Cushion Firm, Guidance
Side Sleep Friendly All All but F300, Savant III Plush, Prodigy III
All but F700, Savant III Plush Cushion Firm, Guidance
Stomach Sleep Friendly All but F300, Savant III Plush, Prodigy III F700, Savant III Plush Cushion Firm, Guidance
All but Savant III Plush

Customer Service

Maintenance & Warranty

iComfort, like most memory foam beds, adopts the one-sided design. Serta suggests rotating the mattress (head to foot) every few months for the first year and then twice annually after that. Serta provides 10 years of non-prorated warranty coverage.

Specific Models Information