Saatva Bed Review

Overall Rating



The best-priced luxury mattress in America.

Life Span7.8
Support & Comfort8.8
Motion Isolation7.8
Value for Money8.5


Since its setting out to make mattress in 2010, Saatva has become a leading online luxury mattress brand manufacturing and installing eco-friendly, luxurious mattresses across the United States. The brand offers exceptional customer service, convenient in-home installation as well as a 75-day home trial.

Saatva varies in price based on the size of the mattresses, ranging from $599 to $1,399. Saatva offers three firmness levels and two levels of thickness, 11.5’’ and 14.5’’. You might wonder which one of them suits you the best, and we are going to give you some help by making an analysis about Saatva mattresses in this article.

Pros Cons
Exceptional customer service Fair life span
A 75-day home trial
Questionable motion isolation
Reasonable price
Relatively young company
Good support Difficult to move

Detailed Evaluation

Basic Information of Saatva Mattress

Saatva has developed three mattress models featuring various levels of firmness to meet more customers’ needs. The table below lists some of the specifications that matter a lot to you when you attempt to select the right mattress.

Models Luxury Firm Plush Soft Firm
Price $599 - 1,399 $599 - 1,399 $599 - 1,399
Thickness 11.5'', 14,5'' 11.5'', 14,5'' 11.5'', 14,5''
Firmness Medium-soft Medium-firm Firm
Comfort Layer Fiber, regular foam, pocketed coils Fiber, regular foam, pocketed coils
Fiber, regular foam, pocketed coils

Durability & Lifespan

The mattresses of Saatva are constructed in the USA. The company estimates that the mattresses have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, a figure that completely outpaces the competitors by nearly double. But according to our findings and customer feedbacks, Saatva mattress lasts six to seven years before it sags or deteriorates, on par with most mattresses on average.

Adjustable Firmness & Pain Reduction

The mattresses are slightly firmer than the average bed. The model "luxury firm" is what the overwhelming majority customers buy. The mattresses of Saatva contain the patented Spinal Zone sleep technology that has been proven to reduce back pain and stiffness.

Motion Isolation

Saatva, as a type of innerspring mattress, cannot absorb the movement as well as a memory foam bed. When sleepers change positions, move around or get off the bed, their partners tend to be bothered sometimes.

Sleeping Hot & Couple Friendly

Saatva is an innerspring mattress with bio-based foam on the top that performs very well in this aspect. Most of the models can guarantee a cool night’s sleep except for the Plush Soft model because sleepers tend to sink into it and trap heat more easily. The mattress has some firm models that are intended to be too firm for some positions.

Off-gassing & Noise

Saatva mattress seldom emits the unpleasant odor when first unpackaged, and the smell disappears within three to five days. So the off-gassing is not a worrying problem for most of the sleepers. Only a few customers find significant noise produced by springs, which means that most sleepers get a quiet night sleeping on the bed.

Topper Usage & Difficult to Move

Some owners report that they need to add a topper to improve the comfort and softness. Most models of Saatva weigh much. The 14.5" model comes with handles, which are only for rotation, not to carry the mattress.

Person Size & Sleep Position

The table below rates how Saatva mattress performs for sleepers weighing differently and sleeping in various positions on the whole.

Sleep Position Light Weight (less than 130 lbs) Average Weight (130-230 lbs)
Heavy Weight (greater than 230 lbs)
Side Fair Good Good
Back Fair Very good Good
Stomach Fair Good Fair

Specifically, the Plush Soft model better suits the ave-sized and small-sized people. The Luxury Firm mattresses work quite well for large-sized sleepers who prefer to sleep on back and side, and ave-sized people who like to sleep on their back and stomach. As for the Firm model, it would be a better choice for large-sized people sleeping on back and stomach. Small-sized sleepers that often sleep on the side may want to avoid choosing this particular model.

Customer Service

Maintenance & Warranty

Users should rotate the mattress at least once a year to prevent sagging. Since the mattress weighs much, it may require more than one people to do the rotation. Saatva offers a 15-year warranty, which includes 15 years of non-prorated repair coverage.

Free Trial & Return Policy

Saatva provides a 120-day home free trial service, which means you can return the mattress if it doesn’t suit you well during the trial period. You can return the product, and only have to cover the cost of transportation - $99.

Our Recommendations

We Recommend Saatva Mattress If You:

  • Like a traditional innerspring feeling because it focuses more on spring in its construction.
  • Like to sleep on a relatively firm mattress because it provides three levels of firmness and attempts to satisfy all your needs from a mattress.

We Don’t Recommend Saatva Mattress If You:

  • Are more of a fan of memory foam mattress.

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