Amerisleep Bed Review

Overall Rating



An amazing comfortable mattress!

Life Span7.6
Support & Comfort7.6
Motion Isolation9.5
Value for Money8.4


Manufactured in the U.S., Amerisleep is a high-quality luxury mattress brand that consists of the comfortable fabric and eco-friendly plant-based memory foam products, aiming to help people all over the world sleep soundly.

Compared to the average mattress with similar specifications, Amerisleep is priced higher than the average. We are going to present you with some details about the Amerisleep mattress to help you decide if it suits you well.

Pros Cons
Convenient returns
Too firm for someone
Limited initial odor
Poor edge support
Less motion transfer Fair longevity
Above-average warranty
Difficult to handle

Detailed Evaluation

Models & Specifications

Amerisleep has five different models under its brand, featuring various levels of thickness and firmness. The table below shows the specifications of all the models, which, hopefully, can give you a good understanding and evaluation of the brand.

Models Pirce Thickness Firmness
AS1 $849 - 1,599 10'' Firm
AS2 $999 - 1,898 12'' Medium firm
AS3 $1,099 - 2,098 12'' Medium
AS4 $1,399 - 2,698 12'' Medium soft
AS5 $1,799 - 3,498 14'' Soft

Lifespan & Firmness

It appears to be fair when it comes to the longevity of Amerisleep mattress. Amerisleep has five models of various firmness levels, as firm, medium firm, medium, medium soft, and soft, attempting to satisfy all customers’ needs.

Conforming Ability & Motion Isolation

Amerisleep mattress conforms to sleepers’ body and has good pressure relief effect for a majority of owners. Amerisleep performs well in the aspect of motion isolation and prevents people from disturbing by the movement caused by their partner.

Edge Support & Couple Friendly

Like most foam-based mattresses, it seems that Amerisleep mattress is not strong enough for users to sleep or sit near the edge, especially for large-sized people. Amerisleep performs poorly for couples due to its limited bouncing effect and the inconvenience to move on it.

Initial Odor & Sleeping Hot

It is possible to have some unpleasant odor at the beginning use of Amerisleep mattress. However, it is not common and seldom lasts long. People who are always waking up feeling hot had better choose other brands because the significant heat trap occurs according to some owners.

Noise & Topper Usage

Amerisleep has no noises and keeps silent under all conditions. In sum, Amerisleep is firmer to some degree than the average mattresses. Therefore, people need to add a topper to the bed sometimes to increase the comfort and softness.

Break-in Period & Move

It takes about two weeks for people to get adapted to the Amerisleep mattress, which appears to be somewhat longer than average. The weight of Amerisleep is slightly less than the average mattress and its main competitors based on the research data. However, with no handles or grips installed, it will be somewhat difficult for owners to move the bed.

Customer Service

Maintenance & Warranty

Like most mattresses, Amerisleep needs to have the head-to-foot rotation regularly to minimize its wear. As for its warranty, Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty, 10-year warranty followed by prorated coverage included.