UNBIASEDInnerspring Mattress Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

About Innerspring Mattress

PROS. Sex friendly • Many firmness options • Widely available with affordable prices

CONS. Noise possible • Poor motion isolation possible • Below average durability lifespan

COMPETITION: See Mattress Type Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Innerspring Mattresses compare to other mattress types.

BASIC INFO: Innerspring mattresses mainly use coils to provide support. As to the Comfort layers of innerspring mattresses, regular foam, fiber or a slight amount of memory foam are the most common materials.


Innerspring Mattress
Lifespan Innerspring mattresses on average have about a 6-year lifespan which is comparatively shorter than other types of mattresses.
Price Innerspring mattresses span a wide range of prices from $80 to $7000+ mainly due to different brands, and handmade mattresses are often very expensive.
Conforming ability Innerspring mattresses don't have a well-distributed pressure balance, so conforming ability is not a strength for innerspring mattresses.
Less back pain Sagging problems may cause back pain for some users.
Maintenance Most innerspring mattresses are one-sided design with no flip. Rotating the mattress head to foot about three times a year will help resist sagging.
Motion Isolation Motion isolation mainly depends on what kind of coil the mattress uses. Pricier models perform better than cheaper ones.
No Sleeping hot Sleeping hot problem isn't a primary concern for most innerspring mattresses except for those softer ones with thicker memory foam inside.
No odor Softer models with thicker memory foam inside have a bigger chance of off-gassing.
No noise Pocket coils tend to make a noticeable squeaking noise.
Edge support Compared to most foam mattresses, the edge support of innerspring mattresses is above average.
Fast break in Users tend to get used to innerspring mattresses much faster than other types of mattresses.
Sex suitability The good bounce ability is very sex friendly.
Need of topper Firmer models may need to add toppers to improve the comfort.
Heavy person friendly People with 230+ pounds tend to enjoy a better experience on low-priced models.
Light person friendly People under 110 pounds may prefer softer models with a thicker foam layer.
Easy to move,transport The innerspring mattresses generally weigh 35-140 pounds varied by price, so the degree of easy moving varies.

Price & Value

Innerspring mattresses are the most common type of mattress we see and use in daily life. Most innerspring mattresses charge very low with a good product value; only a few luxury brands set a very high price because of the handmade craft and rare materials they use.

Life Span

Innerspring mattresses have about a 6-year lifespan which is comparatively lower than most other mattress types mainly due to the high sagging rate. Because innerspring mattresses often consist of more than two kinds of materials, so this may give them a bigger chance of sagging.

Motion Isolation

Of all the different types, innerspring mattresses may perform the worst in motion isolation due to the far-too-good bounce. One person's movement will significantly affect the other one on the bed. Models with pocket coil and offset coil have a stronger bouncing than models with continuous or bonnell Coil.

Sex Friendly

A good bounce may produce a adverse effect on motion isolation function, but it's a huge advantage in term of sex suitability because a good bounce will help maintain rhythm.

No Odor

Innerspring mattresses have comfort layers made of different materials including polyurethane, fiber, memory foam, latex and mini coils etc. Models with memory foam layers may have a significant problem of off-gassing.


Innerspring mattresses overall have a warranty scope of 5-25 years which is about average. But a large number of innerspring mattress owners complain about the Lack of adequate coverage for sagging. Know more at Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Brands Comparison

Sealy Mattress Serta Mattress IKEA Mattress Simmons Mattress Aireloom / Kluft Mattress Westin Heavenly Mattress
Price $320- $2400 $290- $2500+ $80- $1000 $340- $2500+ $1300- $7000+ $800- $1900
Firmness soft to firm soft to firm mostly firm soft to firm med-soft to firm mostly med
Thickness 8.5-15.5" 5- 16.5" 6-17" 10-18" 12-16" 13"
Warranty 10 year 10 year 20 year 10 year 10-20 year 10 year
Purchase Channel stores, online stores, online ikea, online stores, online Macys, Bloomingdales Pottery Barn
Outstanding Feature largest global mattress manufacture largest US mattress manufacture widely available and affordable long history luxurious comfort hotel mattress
Saatva Mattress Denver Mattress Duxiana (Dux) Mattress King Koil Mattress Kingsdown Mattress Restonic Mattress
Price $600- $1300 $130- $1900 $3700- $12k+ $250- $2800 $450- $3000+ $450- $2200
Firmness med- soft to firm med-soft to firm mostly med soft to firm mostly soft or firm med-soft to firm
Thickness 11.5", 14.5" 7.5-14" 9.25-12.5" 9-16" 11-17" 9.5- 17.5"
Warranty 15 year 5-15 year 20 year 10-25 year 10-20 year 10-15 year
Purchase Channel saatva .com Furniture Row, online Duxiana stores Sleepys Mattress Warehouse, Sit N Sleep stores, online
Outstanding Feature strong customer service great return policy prestigious assist from Intl Chiro Assoc. in-store diagnostic avail. /
Stearns & Foster Mattress Hastens Mattress Signature Sleep MattressSpring Air Mattress Zinus Mattress
Price $1080- $3500+ $3600- $20k+ $105- $405 $450- $2000 $121- $370
Firmness soft to firm soft to med med to med-firm soft to firm med to firm
Thickness 13-17.5" / 6", 8", 13" 9.5- 16.5" 6-13"
Warranty 10 year 25 year 1 year 10 year 5-10 year
Purchase Channel stores, online Hastens stores Amazon, Walmart .com Sleepys Amazon, Walmart
Outstanding Feature widely available and luxury handmade ultra prestigious good value / ultra value

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