Sleep Science Mattress Review

Overall Rating



Sleep Science is a popular mattress brand mainly focusing on memory foam and latex mattress.

Life Span7
Support & Comfort7.6
Motion Isolation9
Value for Money8.5


Founded in 1993, Sleep Science is a popular mattress brand mainly focusing on memory foam and latex mattress along with bedding accessories like pillows, toppers, sheets and more.

It provides a variety of models that go for varying prices ranges, so you can choose what suits you the best according to your budget.

South Bay Company (Sleep Science's manufacturing factory)has a long-term effective return policy which contributes to building an excellent reputation in terms of after-sale customer service.  If you have trouble finding the right mattress, the company give you a chance to test out the mattress without any additional cost.

The Good To Be Improved
Multiple models come in different sizes and price options  Only available from Costco
Good return policy Initial odor
Beyond-average motion isolation Possible sleeping hot

Detailed Evaluation


Sleep Science appears to be on average based on the overall owner experience data for durability and longevity.


10"AstoriaBlack DiamondEscape6

Offered limited choices for firmness, most people take it as medium-firm. And the Sleep Science mattress will wear and soften considerably after long-time use.

Conforming ability        

As for some models with 5-7 lbs-ft density memory foam, it provides high confirming ability and gradually offer well-distributed, cradling support.

Motion isolation        

The mattress performs well in the aspect of motion isolation so that the other person won't be disturbed by the movement created by partners.

Edge support        

Sleep Science will offer adequate support for people to sit or sleep at the edge of the bed except for the Dream 8".

Sex friendly        

Due to the limited bouncing effect of memory foam, the Sleep Science will be not so good for people to have sex.


A significant number of users report initial odor problem, but fortunately, it won't last long. The initial odor is a typical problem for memory foam mattresses, and it takes about 24-48 hours before the odor dissipates completely.

Sleeping hot      

It is reported that the problem of comparatively severe heat retention exists in this mattress based on the owner experience data.

Break-in period      

People who own the Sleep Science should be patient since it needs some extended break-in time, especially for the high-density models.

Easy to move        

The top problem for Sleep Science is the heavyweight that can reach over 120lbs, which will be quite difficult for people to move, handle and lift.

Purchase channel

You can get the mattresses from Costco’s website or their warehouse stores that can be found all over the US.


Sleep Science mattress will sag or soften after a long-time use. By rotating the mattress from head to foot, you can keep it from excessive sagging and weariness.

Customer Service


As for the Sleep Science's maintenance, it provides a 20-year warranty which is as good as or better than the warranty of other mattresses with the same specification. The company does not indicate clearly if the warranty is nonprorated for 20 years or only for a period.

Return Policy

Costco has a return policy that gives customers an opportunity to test out the mattress for a period.

Model Specs & Comparison

Model Type Thickness Firmness Comfort Layer Price
Sleep Science 8" memory foam 8" med-soft low-density memory foam $310-$570
Sleep Science 10" memory foam 10" med-firm to firm low-density memory foam $400-$730
Astoria memory foam 12" med-firm low, medium-density memory foam $530-$930
Black Diamond memory foam 11" med-firm to firm high-density memory foam, latex $530-$1,000
Ara memory foam 13" medium high-density memory foam $1,100-$1,300
Escape memory foam 14.5" med-firm high-density memory foam $1,500-$1,800

Specific Models Information