Aireloom / Kluft Bed Review

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Exquisite craftsmanship and advanced materials create highly luxurious mattresses.

Life Span7.5
Support & Comfort9
Motion Isolation9
Value for Money7.8


Since Aireloom Bedding Company was bought by E. S. Kluft & Company in 2004, the latter has started to sell mattresses under two luxury brands: Aireloom and Kluft. With its handmade craftsmanship, the mattress has been regarded as a legacy. Imported wool, high-density foam, advanced technology, and patented materials have made Aireloom / Kluft the top brand on the market. For over a decade, the two brands have offered a wide range of collections for customers to enjoy the superb comfort from a mattress.

It’s a pity that little information and detailed specifications, such as price and size, have been disclosed. We attempt to include all that we could get access to in this article to let you have a better knowledge of what you are going to get at a relatively high price. For example, what are the pros and cons of Aireloom / Kluft? How about the shipping or return policy of the company? To answer these questions, we will cover as much information as possible.

The Good
The Not So Good
Luxurious and royal comfort
Above-average price
Wide collection
Very little information available
Superb motion isolation
Questionable durability
Couple friendly
Difficult to maintain

Detailed Evaluation

Collections & Specifications

Based on what we have gathered on the official website, Aireloom has five collections and Kluft four available for you. They are constructed with superior materials, of different weights, and at various firmness levels, attempting to satisfy all the possible needs of every customer. The table below lists some specifications that matter a lot when selecting a mattress. For any more details of individual models, you shall consult the third-party retailers.

Collections Brand Thickness Materials Firmness
Karpen Luxury Aireloom Not Disclosed Joma® Wool, Cashmere, Talalay Latex, organic cotton, zoned coils
Plush, Luxury Firm, Firm
Karpen Sidestitch Aireloom Not Disclosed Silk, Wool, HiLoft FR fibers, latex, memory foam, cotton
Plush, Medium Firm, Firm
Preferred Aireloom Not Disclosed TENCEL® New Age fabric, Celsion Latex, Pocket-Flex coils
Plush, Luxury Firm, Extra Firm
Aireloom Latex Aireloom Not Disclosed Talalay latex, Visco foam, Silk & Wool
Plush, Firm, Luxury Firm
Aspire Hybrid Aireloom Not Disclosed TENCEL® New Age fabric, Pocket-Flex coils, AireLuxe foam Plush, Firm
Beyond Luxury Kluft 15'' Cashmere/ Mohair, Horsetail, Joma® Wool, Organic Cotton, Alpaca, Embrace Latex Firm
Kluft Signature Kluft 15'' Cashmere, Horsetail, Joma® Wool, Organic Cotton, Zoned Latex Firm
Royal Sovereign Kluft 14.5'' Alpaca, Wool, Graphite Latex, High Density Foams Plush
RS Latex Kluft 14'' Silk/ Wool Fibers, Latex Talalay, Latex Dunlop, Patent Core Firm

Durability & Longevity

Some owners find severe sagging or deterioration problems after they use the mattress for about three years. Besides, they are nagged by body impression and indentations that may influence the comfort of the mattress. Compared with the mattresses from other brands in general, the lifespan of Aireloom / Kluft mattress is barely tolerable.

Price Range & Value

As a luxury mattress brand, Aireloom / Kluft mattresses are priced from $1,400 - $7,500 on average varying depending on size and model. There are some products sold at over $10,000 or even more. With the emerging and development of more and more companies that offer excellent mattresses at much lower prices, some might wonder if Aireloom / Kluft is worth the price.

Motion Isolation & Sleeping Hot

If you are worried about disturbing your partner or being disturbed when one of you move or shift positions at night, Aireloom / Kluft can solve your problem. With its superior materials, Aireloom / Kluft mattress performs quite well in isolating motion. Both you and your partner can have a quiet night’s sleep. Some of the owners have complaints about sleeping hot, so you should be more careful in this aspect if you often wake up feeling trapped in heat.


Is your bed soft or firm enough for you? Firmness level is always one of the most important factors that we consider when selecting a mattress. Products sold under both Aireloom and Kluft brands feature various firmness levels, but in general, they are considered as firm or medium firm, suitable for most sleepers. You can turn to third-party retailers for more specific information if you like.


Odor & Noise

Some mattresses have annoying odor that causes a headache. Aireloom / Kluft mattresses, featuring high-quality materials and advanced technology, seldom emit unpleasant smell in the first few days. But according to some owners, their mattress makes noises in rare occasions. If you are a light sleeper and very sensitive to noise, it would be better to think twice before signing the check.

Support & Pressure Relief

Aireloom / Kluft mattress tends to provide better-than-average support and conform well to your body. Therefore, it can relieve your pressure after a long day work. You will wake up feeling refreshed and pressure free. You can choose the models that consist of memory foam or latex because they perform better in pressure relieving.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

Aireloom / Kluft sticks to exquisite traditional handmade craftsmanship and produces thick and strong mattresses for customers. Almost all the models can support people over 230 lbs.

Its firmness level of medium to firm can give proper support to those who prefer to sleep on their back, or side. Those who are sleeping on the stomach should purchase a firm Aireloom / Kluft mattress to get more support.

A small-sized person may find an Aireloom / Kluft mattress too high to get on or off easily.

Handle & Maintenance

With an average weight of 150 lbs, Aireloom / Kluft mattresses are too heavy to lift or move. The mattress features a one-sided, no flip design. To minimize sagging or deterioration, and lengthen the lifespan of your mattress, rotating it from head to foot 2 to 3 times will do the trick.

Customer Service

Sleep Trial & Delivery Policy

Aireloom / Kluft mattresses can be purchased through authorized third-party brick-and-mortar stores, such as Macy’s, Raymour & Flanigan, and Bloomingdale’s, etc. If you plan to buy your mattress from the company, you need to consult the retailer for detailed information about the sleep trial and delivery policy.


E. S. Kluft & Company promises to repair or replace all mattresses deemed defective, yet with the cost of transportation born by customers. If any defect occurs, you need to contact dealers and pre-pay the transportation costs to get the process started.

Aireloom / Kluft mattresses provide 5 to 25-year warranty varying depending on the models and codes labeled on the products.

  • Code A1 - 10-year non-prorated warranty.
  • Code A2 - 10-year non-prorated warranty.
  • Code A3 - 15-year warranty (10 years of non-prorated and 5 years of prorated).
  • Code A4 - 20-year warranty (10 years of non-prorated and 10 years of prorated).
  • Code C1 - 5-year non-prorated warranty.

Our Recommendations

You Will Love Aireloom / Kluft If You:

  • Are a fan of handmade craftsmanship: Aireloom / Kluft offers genuine handmade designs, making your bedroom stylistic.
  • Want to experience luxurious sleep and reliable support: Compared with other brands, Aireloom / Kluft sells their mattresses at a considerably higher price, expected to perform better.

You Will Not Love Aireloom / Kluft If You:

  • Are on a tight budget: Not everyone is interested in or can afford to buy a mattress that may cost over $10,000.