Futon Mattress Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

About Futon Mattress

Pros Cons
Affordable price Below-average longevity
Serve as both sofa and bed Too thin or too firm
Various styles and colors Initial odor

COMPETITION: See Mattress Type Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Futon Mattresses compare to other mattress types.

BASIC INFO: Futon mattress can be roughly divided into two types - traditional futon filled with textile batt and American futon filled with cotton, springs, and foam. In addition, futon mattress can serve as both sofa and bed.


Price & Value

Prices of futon mattresses range from $65 to $370, so it's fair to say that futon mattresses are attractive at a reasonable price.


Futon mattresses overall have about a 2-5year lifespan which is way shorter than the average standard.


Though spring and foam futons have a comparatively longer lifespan than cotton ones, the lifespan of futon mattresses as a group is about 2-5years which is still much shorter than the average lifespan of all mattresses.

Heat Retention

Heat retention seems to be an issue beneath notice for most futon mattresses except for foam futons which tend to trap heat during sleep.

Odor & Noise

Most futon mattresses tend to be quiet while spring futons may squeak.

A few owners report in the first week of ownership, the futon mattress smells like some kind some kind of chemical or musty wood.

Thickness & Firmness

A thicker model of futon mattress may get better reviews from customers since inadequate thickness will lead to excessive firmness and feel the springs inside the mattress during sleep. For large-sized people, an 8-inch thick mattress is required for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Conforming & Back pain reduction

Conforming ability is not a strength of Futon mattresses usually because they are too firm. Futon mattresses perform fair as for back pain reduction.

Large & Small people suitability

  • People over 200 pounds may feel a lack of support on the futon mattress, in particular on those thinner models.
  • Avg-sized people may find the memory foam mattresses quite comfortable.
  • Futons are also well suited for small - sized people.

Different sleep position

  • Futons mattresses are mostly suitable for back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers may find the mattresses too firm.
  • Futon mattresses perform well to fair for stomach sleepers.

Easy to move, transport    

The futon mattresses generally weigh 50 pounds, so it's easy to move, lift and carry.


With about 2.5 years of warranty cover, the short warranty scope becomes one major weakness of futon mattresses. Know more at Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Brands Comparison

10-Inch Loft Full-Size Inner Spring Splendor Futon Mattress Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress Shiki- Buton Tri Fold Mattress Blazing Needles Futon Mattress DHP Mattress
Price $179-$274 $70-$105 $65-$165 $118-$307 $119-$170
Firmness med- firm firm firm med- firm med- firm
Thickness 10" 3" 3", 4", 6" 6", 8", 9", 10" 6"- 8"
Size full/queen sub-twin/twin/full/queen sub-twin, full full full
Purchase Channel overstock.com amazon amazon amazon and overstock.com amazon and walmart .com
Complaints odor too firm and initial odor too firm too thin odor
Futon Type spring cotton, fiber, foam foam foam / cotton or spring spring
Weight 60+ pounds 10+ pounds 10 -50 pounds 71-77 pounds 51-57 pounds
Colors Options 14 18 10 7 6
Best use long-term or temporary temporary temporary long-term or temporary long-term or temporary