Adjustable Bed Base Review

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable bed, also known as zero gravity bed, reclining, electric or hospital bed, is an electric adjustable bed allowing users to elevate or tilt the sleep surface or mattress to suit the desired position better by using hidden mains-powered controls.

Apart from inclining the upper body and raising the lower body, enhanced comfort like firmness adjustment, massage or position presets are provided by some adjustable bed brands.

Moreover, 2-piece split models allow each person on the bed to control their own half of the bed which is very couple friendly.

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What to consider before purchasing an adjustable bed?

Price Prices often range $700 to $3,500+ (queen size)varied by brands and models. High-end models usually provide more features and improved comfort.
Durability Since adjustable beds are bought to suit different position needs, they have a greater chance to break down after frequent adjustment. Moreover, one breakdown may cause the whole bed unusable until repaired.
Couple Friendly Many queen-size and king-size adjustable beds enable couples on the two sides to adjust comfort independently. The design bring tailored comfort for two people at the cost of causing middle area gap which makes it uncomfortable for spooning or cuddling.
Mattresses Compatibility Adjustable bed bases are compatible with memory foam, latex, air and pocket coil innerspring mattresses. Mattresses with a border wire aren't compatible with adjustable bed bases. It's recommended to purchase a mattress and an adjustable base at the same time to find the perfect match.
Controller Hand-held controllers, wired or wireless, backlit or non-backlit, are used to operate adjustable beds. Wired controllers need no batteries and have a lower chance of getting lost, while wireless controllers give users more freedom to control the bed at a distance. A backlit controller can be easily operated in the dark.
Presets Models of different ends are equipped with different amount of automatic position adjustments, and usually, the higher you pay, the more auto function you can enjoy such as a preset zero gravity, one-touch flat and more.
Adjustability Higher-end models often provide greater adjustability like higher lifting degrees of head and foot, while some low-end beds provide only head elevation. Different models have various adjustment degrees.
Wall Hugger Ordinary adjustable beds lift your upper body away from the wall and your nightstand which makes it inconvenient to fetch books or remote control from your nightstand. Adjustable beds with a wall hugging feature lift you up while simultaneously gliding you back.
Zero-gravity Position The zero-gravity position mimics the position of astronauts during the liftoff. The position is designed to help ease the stress by somehow escaping Earth’s gravity. The position will raise a person's feet to the same level as the heart. This type of resting position is beneficial for people who suffer from neck, back, and hip pain or who want to increase their circulation.
Retainer Bars Retainer bar will keep your adjustable bed firmly in place when adjusting the bed frame.Retainer bar will keep your adjustable bed firmly in place when adjusting the bed frame. Four mattress retainer bars are superior to one because four tend to keep the mattress better in place with better lumbar support.
Weight Adjustable beds are considerably heavy, and the weight of a queen bed is ranged from 160 pounds to 330+ lbs. The weight rises as the price or features it offers increase.
Weight Capacity Mid-range and high-end adjustable beds often have greater weight capacity.
Warranty Most adjustable beds offer up to 20 years limited warranty only with full coverage of the first 1-3 years followed by decreasing coverage
Maintenance The long-term cost of adjustable beds can be substantial since the limited warranties they offer often make owners pay for many repairs after as little as one year.
Return Policy Local retailers may only allow for an exchange instead of return. Internet retailers may accept returns at the premise of you paying return and perhaps original shipping and restocking fee, which may cost you hundreds of dollars.

Low-end vs. Mid-range vs. High-end

Adjustable beds can be roughly divided into three prices (queen size) levels : low-end ($600-$1100), mid-range ($1101-$1500 ) and high-end ($1501-$3500+). The chart below compares their performance from different perspectives.

Low-end Mid-range High-end
Warranty 3-20 years with 1-3-year full coverage followed by decreasing coverage; certain parts often excluded after 3 years. 20-25 years with 1-2 years full coverage followed by decreasing coverage; certain parts often excluded after 3-5 years. 20-40 years / 1-5 years full coverage often followed by decreasing coverage.
Controller mostly wired mostly wireless and backlit wireless and backlit
Presets mostly no presets mostly zero gravity position and one-touch flat zero gravity position, one-touch flat button and possibly programmable memory position and more
Massage mostly no yes yes, sometimes with advanced features such as timer and silent alarm.
Adjustability head only or head and foot head and foot head and foot
Head Adjustment Degree 45-65 degrees 60 degrees 60-70 degrees
Foot Adjustment Degree 40-45 degrees 44 degrees 44-55 degrees
Wall Hugger no mostly yes mostly yes
Weight 50-210 lbs 140-250 lbs 150-350 lbs
Weight Capacity 375-600 lbs 500-700 lbs 600-700 lbs

Adjustable Bed Models Comparisons

Classic Brands Pragmatic Reverie 5D Rize Contem-porary Sleep Number Flex Fit 1 Sleep Number Flex Fit 3 Tempur- Pedic Ergo Up
Price $454- $680 $270- $570 $1200-$2,400 $1350-$2,500 $1000-$2,900 $2200-$4,800 $700- $1400
Retailer(s) amazon amazon/walmart .com amazon/plush beds .com amazon/Mattress Firm sleep number .com & stores sleep number .com & stores tempur pedic .com/Mattress Firm
Head Adjustment Degree 60° 80° 70° 70° 60° 60° 55°
Foot Adjustment Degree 30° 30° 47° 47° 44°
WallHugger no no yes yes no yes no
Remote wireless wired backlit wireless backlit wireless backlit wireless backlit wireless wired
Massage yes no yes yes no yes no
1-touch Flat Preset yes no yes yes yes yes yes
Zero Gravity Preset yes no yes yes no yes no
Anti-snore Preset no no yes no no yes no
Sleep Timer no no no no no yes no
Number of Custom Presets 0 0 2 0 0 0 0
Number of Retainer Bars 2 1 4 1 1 1 1
Weight (lbs) 103-210 79-181 85-180 150-300 n/a n/a 114-236
Weight Capacity (lbs) 500 300-600 850 575-650 600 700 600
Head Tilt no no no no no no no
Underbed Nightlight no no no yes no yes no
Silent Alarm no no no no no no no
Phone App no no no no no no no
USB Port yes no option no no no no
Furniture-like Appearance no no no no no no yes
Warranty 3 years full coverage 3 years full coverage 20-year limited warranty with full coverage ended after 3 years 20-year limited warranty with full coverage ended after 3 years 25-year limited warranty with full coverage ended after 5 years 25-year limited warranty with full coverage ended after 5 years 15-year limited warranty with full coverage ended after 5 years

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