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PROS. Above averagedurability • Above average pain-relief performance • Adjustable firmness on each side

CONS. Difficulty of initial use • Noise possible • Above average maintennance cost

COMPETITION: See Mattress Type Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Air Mattresses compare to other mattress types.

BASIC INFO: Air mattresses, namely airbeds, are inflatable mattresses using air for main support instead of springs or foam. Users can adjust comfort by adding or removing air with the help of electric pump.


Air Mattress
Lifespan Since many parts of can all be repaired or replaced with new ones provided by the retailers, airbeds as a group have at least 8.5 years lifespan which is much longer than the average mattress.
Price $500 to $4000+ vary by thickness, material, and brand.
Conforming ability The conforming ability of air mattresses falls in between memory foam and innerspring mattresses.
Less back pain Air mattresses perform mediocre regarding back pain reduction, and a few owners report that they may even cause back pain.
Maintenance Airbeds need some extra cost for long-term maintenance due to its material manufacturing process.
Motion Isolation Airbeds with two air chambers tend to provide good motion isolation function.
No Sleeping hot Sleeping hot problem mainly happens when the bed uses thicker comfort layers.
No odor A few owners report that air mattress smells like rubber for a few weeks.
No noise Airbeds tend to squeak when they are moved and pump noise are also complained.
Edge support Many airbed brands adopt edge-to-edge designs to provide some edge support.
Fast break in Airbeds with thinner layers require a shorter break-in period.
Middle area Since sagging problems are common to see for most airbeds, the bed area where two air chambers meet will become lumpy.
Sex suitability The middle area uncomfortableness reduces sex suitability to some degree.
Need of topper Generally speaking, airbeds with thinner comfort layers have a higher need of toppers.
Back sleep friendly Airbeds are best suited for back sleepers.
Side sleep friendly Sider sleepers need airbeds with thicker comfort layers.
Stomach sleep friendly Good support is required for stomach sleepers.
Easy to move,transport Since air is the main content of airbeds, so they are much lighter than other mattresses which make the bed easy to move.

Price & Value

Airbeds often charge $500 to $4000+ depending on model, size, and brand. In addition to the initial price, users need to take the long-term cost of paying for replacement parts into consideration which often cost hundreds of dollars.


Airbeds often have a longer lifespan than any other types of mattresses mainly due to airbeds' parts including mechanical parts, pumps and controllers can be replaced by new ones provided by the manufactures.

Ease of Initial Use

Airbeds often need to be assembled which may take up to 2 hours depending on different models and the number of chambers. Models with more chambers will cost a longer time than other models.

Motion Isolation

Airbeds with two chambers tend to provide superior motion isolation, and sleep number mattresses have been focused on producing beds with adjustable comfort on both sides.

Middle Area Awkwardness

Two air chambers often come with both pros and cons which mean they provide good motion isolation at the consequence of producing middle area uncomfortableness. Since two sides are adjusted with different firmness, the middle will become lumpy.

Air Loss

Since airbeds are mostly composed of air, the air loss problem can be common to see due to faulty air pumps, loose connections, air bladder leaks and malfunctioning controllers. Air loss may cause discomfort or even back pain, so airbeds need constantly inflating to keep a flat surface and firm setting.


Most airbeds cover a warranty scope of 10-25 years with only the first 2-3 years non-prorated which means owners need to pay about 20% of replacement or repair fees. Know more at Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Brands Comparison

Sleep Number Mattress Boyd MattressComfortaire Mattress Habitat Furnishings Mattress Innomax Mattress Personal Comfort Mattress
Prices $500- $5700 $1150- $3000 $1380- $5700 $1550- $3000 $600- $2800 $450- $3400
In Business Time since 1987 since 1977 since 1981 since 2001 since 1975 since 2012
Warranty 25 yeras with 2 yr non prorated 20 years with 2 yr non prorated 25 yeras with 2-4 yr non prorated 20 years with 3 yr non prorated 10-25 years with 2 yr non prorated 25 years with 3 yr non prorated
Return Fee ship fee no fee at nightair beds.com no fee $75 fee no fee (Sam's) fee on specific models ( no returns at Amazon)
Purchase Channel Sleep Number stores/online nightair beds.com and others comfort aire.com & various retailers habitat furnishings.com Sams Club and others personal comfort bed.com, Amazon
Return Policy Length 100 days (after 30 days trial) 90 days (after 30 days trial) 100 days (after 30 days trial) 365 days 90+ days 120 days(after 45 days trial)
Outstanding Feature dominates airbed market up to six air chambers original airbed company great return policy at Sams Club popular at Amazon

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