UNBIASEDKingsdown Mattress Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

What You Need To Know

PROS. High coil count • Luxurious & confirming materials • Long-time establishment • Multi-channel retail

CONS. Fair maintanence • Questionable customer service • Some controversial claims • Sagging problems • Some off gassing

COMPETITION: See Side-by-Side Mattress Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Kingsdown Mattresses compare to other mattress brands.

BASIC INFO: Headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina and founded over a century ago, Kingsdown is a kind of mattress which is exquisitely handcrafted to deliver a personalized and high-quality sleep experience.

Overall Ratings

Our Kingsdown Mattress ratings are based on consumer experiences - the data below is unbiased with truthful contents and up-to-date product information. Take a look at how Kingsdown Mattress rates comparing to the average level of mattresses.

Price $400-$3500
Lifespan A majority of owners reflect that the mattress has the problem of sagging within the first 3 years.
Firmness Two models of firmness make the mattress suit properly for most people no matter they are light or heavy.
Conforming ability On the issue of confirming ability, Kingsdown performs good to fair especially for the models with at least one inch of memory foam or latex.
Motion isolation The mattress with wrapped coils performs better than that with open coils, which has good motion isolation to prevent the disturbance from one person to another.
Edge support For most models, it performs average on the aspect of sleeping or sitting on the edge of the mattress.
Sex friendly It will be uncomfortable or hard for people to have sex on a mattress which is almost sagging.
No initial odor The mattress will give off an odor like the chemical materials because of its foam content.
No sleeping hot Quite a few people think that it is uncomfortable to sleep on Kingsdown mattress because it sleeps hot easily because of its soft models with memory foam.
No noise Under some conditions this mattress can make some noise, but the problem is not so serious.
No need of topper A large part of people don't choose to add a topper on Kingsdown because it has two models of firmness which can be compatible with most owners.
Short break-in period Most customers can adapt to this mattress in a short time.
Easy to maintain Designed differently from most mattresses, Kingsdown can be rotated 1-3 times annually because it has no flip.
Easy to move Kingsdown is difficult for people to move due to its heavy weight which is almost 20% heavier than the average mattress.

Company Info

BedsReview provides accurate company information of Kingsdown Mattress - see how the company rates comparing to the average level of mattress manufacturers.

Name Kingsdown
Time in Business 1904
Customer Service They're here 24/7 at +1-919-563-3531(International)
Specifics Disclosing Good
BBB rating A+
Warranty 10 years non-prorated warranty
Purchase Channel stores, online

Price & Value

Designed as one of the advanced and luxurious mattresses, the price of Kingsdown is more expensive than the average mattress compared to its main competitors.

Maintenance & Waranty

With a no-flip design, the Kingsdown mattress can only be rotated 1-3 times annually. Like most mattresses, Kingsdown has a 10-year non-prorated warranty.

See Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Series & Models Info




Feature:With over a century establishment, Kingsdown is a luxurious mattress which is handcrafted and designed to deliver a kind of life-changing sleep experience.


Mattress Height:9-17 inches

Size:Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

Selling Point:Designed with at least 11-inch thickness, almost no noise, and presented at a luxurious state to provide high-quality sleep, Kingsdown is reliable for people to choose.

All Models Comparison

The table below rates all the models of Kingsdown Mattress in price, size, thickness, firmness, cover, layer, mattress type and more. It contains the general information of mattress model for customers to choose.

Twin L-Long$375
California King$750
Mattress typeinnerspring
Firmnesssoft to firm
Comfort layerfoam, memory foam, gel memory foam, latex, cashmere, cotton, wool
Comfort layer thickness2-6"
Base layeropen or pocket coils
Base layer thickness6"
Best usetemporary/occasional and long-term/regular

Sleep Position Suitability

This table below shows Kingsdown Mattress models for sleep position based on your personal size and body type. It helps you choose the most comfortable mattress models.

Ave-sized People
(130 - 230 Lbs)
Large-sized People
(230 + Lbs)
Small-sized People
(Under 130 Lbs)
Kingsdown Back Sleep Friendly
Side Sleep Friendly
Stomach Sleep Friendly

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