Kingsdown Bed Review

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Exquisite craftsmanship and scientific design deliver quality sleep that benefits your life.

Life Span8
Support & Comfort9
Motion Isolation8
Value for Money8.2


Kingsdown, since its first establishment over a century ago, has been striving to produce the mattress that is exquisitely handcrafted to deliver a personalized and high-quality sleep experience for every user. In order to achieve the goal, Kingsdown offers an extensive line of products with different degrees of support, comfort, and firmness.

The Kingsdown mattresses are priced from $400 to $3,500, affordable for many users thanks to its wide price range. The mattresses are available in a great number of select retail stores across the United States and other 20 countries, making it necessary to research the background and reputation of different retailers in advance to make sure that you get the best service. Since buying a mattress is sometimes a very troublesome thing that needs a lot of patience and the ability to compare and select, here is some useful information we’d like to share.

The Good The Not So Good
A wide collection of products available Fair maintenance
High coil count Questionable customer service
Luxurious & confirming materials Above-average price
Multi-channel retail
Very little detailed information available

Detailed Evaluation

Models & Types & Features

Kingsdown has developed 10 mattress models of 5 types with specific features that distinguish itself from other brands. The table below lists all the models, what types they fall into, and what kind of features they have, which will give you a rough idea about the products.

Models Types Features
Bodyperfect Intelligent
Airflow, Personalized Support, Smart Technology
Crown Imperial Hybrid
Airflow, Gel, High Coil Count, Personalized Support
Miro Memory Foam
Gel, Ideal Temperature, Personalized Support
Passions Innerspring
Airflow, Gel, High Coil Count, Ideal Temperature, Personalized Support
Prime Innerspring
Gel, High Coil Count, Ideal Temperature, Personalized Support
Sleep Haven Latex Foam
Airflow, Personalized Support
Sleep Smart Intelligent
Airflow, High Coil Count, Personalized Support, Smart Technology
Sleep To Live Innerspring
Airflow, Gel, High Coil Count, Personalized Support
Vintage Innerspring
Natural Materials, Personalized Support
My Side Memory Foam
Airflow, Gel, Personalized Support

Price Range

We have had no access to all the pricing details because the Kingsdown mattresses are primarily available through third-party retailers and brick-and-mortar offline stores. However, it is found that it costs about $1,300 to $1,700 for a majority of Queen-size Kingsdown mattresses. The price is higher than other innerspring mattresses overall because Kingsdown uses more advanced materials and adopts more luxurious designs. Any more information needed, you should contact the nearest retailers.

Lifespan & Durability

It is reported that the Kingsdown mattress tends to sag or wear within three years, after which, comfort and support will be undermined. Generally speaking, Kingsdown has about 6 years of lifespan, a little bit shorter than the average.

Edge Support & Conforming

If you like to sit near the edge area of the mattress, the edge support would be an important factor you’d like to consider. The Kingsdown mattresses perform at least as equally well as those of other brands in the aspect of edge support. Also, the mattress has a good reputation for confirming, which means that it can better contour to your body and ensure you a relaxing night sleep.

Motion Isolation

Some of you tend to share the bed with your partner, and it would be very tiresome that you frequently got disturbed by his or her getting up or moving in the night or him or her by yours. The Kingsdown mattress models with individually wrapped coils perform better in reducing motion transfer. If you have higher demand for quiet sleep, then the models with open coils should not be taken into account.

Thickness & Weight

The Kingsdown mattresses have an average height of 13.5’’, thicker than all mattresses overall and innerspring mattresses overall too. Therefore, if you are short, it would be not so easy to get on or off the bed. Besides, compared to most mattresses, the Kingsdown mattresses are much heavier, making it difficult to move, lift and handle.

Off-gassing & Sleeping Hot

The mattress has a chemical-like odor when unpackaged for the first time because of its foam contents. So you will have to make sure that your bedroom has a good condition of ventilation if you decide to buy the Kingsdown mattress. Sometimes, owners find they waking up feeling hot and uncomfortable. Those who have low tolerance with sleeping hot might as well think twice. However, it is suggested that you add a cotton mattress pad that will effectively wick away moisture.

Topper Usage & Noise

Kingsdown has a wide selection of models that can satisfy almost all sleepers’ needs in firmness, comfort, and support, etc. So there is no necessity to add a topper unless you are in the habit of using one. In fact, a topper can effectively extend the lifespan of the mattress, and save you the trouble to exchange bedding furniture frequently. The mattress seldom makes noise except for rare occasions.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

Kingdown has developed a wide selection of models to satisfy all sleepers’ needs no matter what position you prefer to sleep in and how many pounds you weigh. Here we present you with a rough evaluation and detailed recommendation in case you are confused when choosing the right mattress.

Sleep Position Ave-sized People(130-230lbs) Large-sided People(230+ lbs) Small-sized People(Under 130lbs)
Back Sleep Friendly Very Good Very Good Good
Side Sleep Friendly Good Very Good Poor
Stomach Sleep Friendly Very Good Very Good Good

For small-sized sleepers who are under 130 lbs, we recommend all the types of mattresses if you prefer to sleep on your back. Those who always sleep on side or stomach might want to steer clear of Innerspring and Latex mattresses.

For average-sized people who weigh between 130 and 230lbs and like to sleep on your side or back, all the five types of mattresses can ensure a good sleep except for Latex that may not perform well for back sleepers.

For large-sized people who are over 230lbs, choosing a suitable mattress could be a tricky job. If you prefer to sleep on your side, it would be better to choose Latex and Hybrid mattresses. If you like to sleep on the stomach, then Latex mattress is the one. And apart from the Innerspring mattress, all other types of mattresses can work pretty well for heavyweight back sleepers.

Customer Service

Sleep Trial & Guarantee

Many customers want to try the mattress before they buy it, and most mattress brands provide potential buyers with free sleep trial service. Since the Kingsdown mattresses are primarily sold at the offline stores through third-party retailers, you should consult them about the sleep trial and guarantee policy. Make sure you are clear about the policies before you pay for the mattress.


For most models, Kingsdown offers a 10-year nonprorated warranty since the day of delivery. All mattresses deemed as defective will be repaired, and any mattress that can not be repaired will be replaced. All the expenses caused by shipping and other handling work will be born by the owners.

The warranty applies to the following defects:

  • Sagging: one and a half inches or deeper sagging or indentations.
  • Zippered covers: cracked or broken zippers, and other defects.
  • Foundation: squeaks, rattles and other problems related to the foundation or the wood frames.

However, if you are not the original owner of the mattress, which means you get the mattress from someone else, the defects of the product will not be eligible for warranty protection. In case you need to make a warranty claim, it would be better to keep your sales receipt or other proof of purchase in a safe place.