Essentia Bed Review

Overall Rating



Handmade with love and Essentia’s patented technology produces the mattress that’s changing it all.

Life Span8.5
Support & Comfort8.5
Motion Isolation8.5
Value for Money8.8


Founded in 2006 and known for the incredible comfort and support, Essentia mattress offers people a sound and comfortable night's sleep with the outstanding support by the superior quality and natural Dunlop latex foam. The natural foam will relieve your pain and pressure and take your health, comfort and sleeping experience to another high level.

Compared to the price of most mattresses with basically similar specifications, the price of Essentia is about 30% higher, which has been the main complaint from a majority of owners. With the removable cover, bucaneve wrap and the whole body recovery, Essentia will be one of the best choices for consumers who dreamed of the high-quality night's sleep. Now let’s start with the pros and cons of the brand and learn more about the Essentia Mattress.

Pros Cons
Model variety
Below-average thickness
Limited off-gassing
Heat trap products
Pain relief
Limited availability
Strong warranty
Most models pricey

Detailed Evaluation


We present a table that rates Essentia mattress in general from aspects of size, type, price, thickness, firmness, and comfort layer.

Size Mattress Type Price Thickness Firmness Comfort Layer
Twin, Full, Queen, King Latex mattress $1,000 - 6,960 6-8'' Soft-medium to medium-firm
Memory foam or latex


Compared to all other mattresses overall, the longevity of Essentia performs above the average. However, compared to the latex-based mattresses, in particular, it performs no better than tolerable regarding life expectancy.

Firmness & Confirming Ability

The firmness of the Essentia mattress ranges from soft-medium to medium-firm. We all know that a highly conforming mattress is one that contours to the users' body resulting in pain relief and press-point-free sensation. Essentia is such kind of mattress.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

To an extent, Essentia mattress can prevent one person's movements from disturbing his or her partners. However, it would be difficult to remove such movements entirely. The edge support of the Essentia mattress performs at least above the average, which means people can sleep or sit on the side of the mattress, only causing a little sagging.

Initial Odor & Sleeping Hot

There will be a strong and enduring chemical-like odor that is not especially common in the beginning use of Essentia mattress based on the owners experience data. People who often feel hot when waking up had better choose some other mattresses that don't have the problem of heat retention.

Noise & Break-in Period

Like most latex-based mattresses, Essentia mattress doesn't make any noise, which is very friendly to those who are sensitive to noise. People may need an extended break-in time to get used to Essentia mattress, especially for side sleepers.

Topper Usage & Couple Friendly

Most owners of Essentia choose to add a topper to the mattress to increase comfort and softness. With the limited bounce, Essentia performs negative for couples.

Maintain & Move

It may prevent and minimize the sagging and wear to rotate the mattress occasionally 2-3 times a year. However, Essentia mattress was designed with no flip and one-sided. To maintain the mattress will become a little difficult. To move, handle, and transport the latex-based mattress is a tricky job because of its heavy weight.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

The table below shows how Essentia mattress performs for different sleepers who like to sleep in various positions and of diverse body shapes. Apart from the small-sized person who likes to sleep on the stomach, all other sleepers find Essentia mattress very suitable and beneficial.

Sleep Position Ave-sized People (130 - 230 lbs) Large-sized People (230+ lbs)
Small-sized People (Under 130 lbs)
Back Sleep Friendly Good Good Good
Side Sleep Friendly Good Good Good
Stomach Sleep Friendly Good Good Fair

Customer Service

Return Policy & Warranty

You can enjoy a 60-day return policy. Owners will get a transport fee of 9% of the mattress price for all returns or exchanges, which is about $100-$500 depending on the model. Besides, Essentia mattress provides a 20-year warranty with the first ten years of non-prorated period included.