Water Mattress Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

About Water Mattress

Pros Cons
Affordable price High maintenance need
Better control of temperature Extensive assembly
Long lifespan Possible noise and odor
Good conforming ability Considerably heavy

COMPETITION: See Mattress Type Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Water Mattresses compare to other mattress types.

BASIC INFO: A waterbed or a water mattress use water for primary support and there are two types of waterbeds - hard-sided beds and soft-sided beds. A hard-side bed puts the water mattress into a wood frame, while a soft-side bed puts the water mattress into a sturdy foam frame zippered inside a fabric case.



Waterbeds have a life expectancy of 10-20 years on the prerequisite of good maintenance ( punctures and leaks caused by pets, zippers, and pens.) while the vinyl mattress can only last about 5-10 years.

Price & Value  

The prices of hard-side waterbed mattresses range from $50 to $440, while soft-side ones often cost $800 to $1800. Higher price means less wave with lumbar support.

Conforming ability    

The conforming ability of waterbeds performs about average.

Less back pain    

Generally speaking, soft-side beds get a better review than hard-side ones as regard to back pain reduction.

Motion Isolation  

Waveless models perform better than free flow ones.

Odor & Noise & Dust  

Some owners report strange smell from the vinyl.   Airbeds tend to be quiet, but the heater may make some noise. Since the mites cannot manage a way to go into a water mattress, so the waterbeds are the most dust-free mattress of all types.

Sex suitability    

Waterbeds perform fair in terms of sex suitability.

Easy to move, transport  

The innerspring mattresses generally weigh 35-140 pounds varied by price, so the degree of easy moving varies.

Ease Of Initial Use

It's time-consuming and also difficult to set up a waterbed since there are a bunch of factors users need to take care of.


A waterbed never has the need to be flipped or rotated, but owners will have to add water conditioner and maintain the water level.


Most waterbeds cover a warranty up to 2o years with only the first 2-3 years non-prorated. Know more at Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Brands Comparison

Blue Magic Fiber 1000 Mattress Blue Magic Fiber 3500 Mattress Innomax Sanctuary Mattress Semi Waveless Water bed And Kit Mattress
Price $130- $183 $160- $170 $290- $300 $50-$72
Size single, queen, king single, queen, king queen, king single, twin, full, queen, king
Warranty 12 years with 3-year full coverage 12 years with 3-year full coverage 20 years with 2-year full coverage 20 years with 2-year full coverage
Waveless 70% 85% 70% free flow
Support lumbar support lumbar support lumbar support no lumbar support
Safety Line yes yes yes no
Purchase Channel walmart .com walmart .com samsclub .com amazon
Vinyl Thickness 18 mil 18 mil 22 mil 20 mil