Zinus Bed Review

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Everyone will have access to amazing sleeping experience at an extremely affordable price in Zinus.

Life Span7.5
Support & Comfort8.8
Motion Isolation8.8
Value for Money8.9


Established in 1979, Zinus mainly manufactured outdoor products before 2003 when it began to march its way into the “interior comfort product market”. The company has mattresses, bed frames, foundations, and sofas under its brand, and is best known for mattresses. During these years, Zinus is devoted to providing affordable access to quality sleep experience for customers. The company doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar offline stores.

The most economically-effective Zinus mattress is only $104, and the most expensive one won’t cost you over $500 to take it home. In spite of its wallet-friendly price, Zinus mattress hasn’t failed customers in quality. Therefore, the mattress is an excellent choice for those who are without thousands of dollars to spend on a bed, yet looking for better sleep experience. If you are interested in the brand and want to know more about it, please read through this article.

Pros Cons
Various models available
Unpleasant initial off-gassing
Very affordable price
Questionable edge support
Little motion transfer
Below-average durability
100-night free sleep trial
Poor support for couples

Detailed Evaluation

Basic Information of Zinus Mattress

Zinus produced two types of mattresses: memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses for customers with different needs. Now the company has 7 products, and many models available. The following table lists all the products and some specifications that matter to you when you select a mattress.

Product Name Type Price Thickness Firmness
Mint Green Memory Foam Hybrid Spring Mattress Spring $104-284 6'', 8'', 10'' Firm
Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cloud Mattress Memory foam $164-422 8'', 10'', 12'' Medium, Plush
Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Memory foam $168-483 8'', 10'', 12'', 14''
Firm, Medium, Plush
Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress Spring $198-437 10'', 12'' Medium
Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress Memory foam $104-365 6'', 8'', 10'', 12''
Firm, Medium, Plush
Pressure Relief Euro Top, Pocketed iCoil Hybrid Mattress Spring $217-443 12'', 13'' Medium, Plush
Pressure Relief Pocketed iCoil Hybrid Mattress Spring $229-422 10'' Medium

Mattress Types

Memory foam mattresses adopt layers of foam that can conform to various sleeping positions and contour very well to your body. No matter what positions you prefer to sleep in, you can enjoy the perfect effect of pressure relief. And the Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress, with its specific cooling performance, makes you sleep cool all night long.

Spring mattresses feature new iCoil technology and let you sleep in peace. Now there are four products for you to choose from and they can provide firm support and solid sleep. Also, some of them are hybrid with foam and spring, giving you the comfort in both worlds.

Lifespan & Durability

It is reported that both the foam models and spring models are likely to have sagging problems or lack support after three years of use, performing rather poorly compared with average mattresses that can last about six to seven years. Furthermore, the spring models seem to have a shorter lifespan and tear more easily, so that they are better suited for children instead of adults.


Zinus mattresses are regarded as medium to firm, suitable for most sleepers. On a 1 to 8 scale, 1 being extra soft and 8 extra firm, Zinus mattress can be a 5 or 6. Here we present a graph to give you a direct impression of the firmness level of some models. For more detailed information about the firmness of the specific mattress that you have your eye on, you can consult the retailers.

Mint Green7

Motion Isolation

Both types of mattresses have good performance in terms of motion isolation. Layers of thick foam can surely keep motion from transferring, and as a matter of fact, the spring mattresses also perform quite well in this aspect. So if you don’t want to be disturbed by your partner in the night, Zinus mattress would be a good choice.

Edge Support

Although support of Zinus mattress is deemed as inadequate for sitting or lying on the edge area, especially for large-sized people, spring models tend to perform a little bit better because of the foam-encased coils constructed in them. So if you prefer to sit on the edge of the mattress on a regular basis, it would be better to choose spring models.

Heat Retention

Zinus spring models, like most spring mattresses, can give you a cool night’s sleep. But the memory foam products, on the other hand, tend to trap more heat. According to some owners, they often wake up in the night feeling hot. The models that have infused gel can ensure longer cooler sleep because the materials can help to regulate your temperature. If you often sleep extremely hot, you should choose the select memory foam models or spring products that perform better in isolating heat.

Initial Odor & Off-gassing

A considerable number of customers who bought Zinus foam mattresses find serious off-gassing problems in the beginning, and some of them suffer from a headache because of the unpleasant odor. If you are sensitive about smell, you can choose spring products that emit much less unpleasant initial odor.

Conforming & Noise

Because of the thick foam layers, Zinus foam mattresses have better conforming ability than spring models. Anyone who suffers from severe body aches and pains should choose a foam-constructed mattress that alleviates pressure points. Like most foam mattresses, Zinus mattress doesn’t produce noise when you lie on it. Light sleepers who are easily disturbed by noise may want to avoid buying spring mattress models because it has caused some customer complaints.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

Zinus aims to provide mattresses that suit sleepers who weigh variously and sleep in different positions, which is why the brand has developed a wealth of models till now. The following table lists all our possible recommendations after taking person size and sleep position into consideration. It would be better for you to have a good understanding of mattress suitability; otherwise, you will be very confused about different mattress types and numerous products on the market. Besides, please make the best use of the 100-night free trial service and figure out if the mattress you take home suits you well.

Sleep Position Average-sized people (130-230lbs) Large-sized people (over 230lbs)
Small-sized people (under 130lbs)
Back sleeper Memory foam 8'', 10'', 12'', 14''; Spring 10'', 12'', 13'' Memory foam 6'', 8'', 12'', 14''; Spring 12''
Memory foam 10'', 12'', 14''; Spring 10'', 12'', 13''
Side sleeper Memory foam 10'', 12'', 14''; Spring 10'', 12'', 13'' Memory foam 6'', 8''; Spring 10''
Memory foam 12'', 14''; Spring 10'', 12'', 13''
Stomach sleeper Memory foam 12'', 14''; Spring 10''; Memory foam 6'', 8''
Memory foam 12'', 14''; Spring 12'', 13''

Topper Usage & Pressure Relief

Those who have chosen spring mattress may need to add a topper to improve its softness and comfort. Unless you have a habit of using a topper, it wouldn’t be necessary to use one on a foam mattress. The brand has several models that feature great pressure relieving effect and significantly benefit your body by minimizing pressure points.

Easy To Move & Maintain

The mattress weighs lighter than that from other brands, so it is easy to move or lift it although there isn’t any handle or grip. The foam models may wobble a bit when lifted and moved. You don’t need to flip your mattress, but 2-3 times of rotation from head to foot would prevent it from wearing and sagging.

Customer Service

Free Trial & Return Policy

For anyone who places an order on Zinus mattress, the company provides a 100-night free sleep trial service, and you can return the product anytime you want as long as you find it unsuitable. However, it is worth noting that the mattress must be in good condition, which means it hasn’t been torn or stained before being returned. Furthermore, in case you’re going to return your mattress, the proof of purchase should be kept well.

The company will coordinate with FedEx to get the mattress you want to return and generate a refund to you. Easy and convenient.

Free Shipping Service

You order a mattress, and the order will be processed in two or three business days. Then the company will send you an email to inform you of the tracking number, with which, you can keep track of the delivery process of your product. All mattresses are shipped via FedEx Ground to all places in the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii.


Every Zinus mattress is covered by a 10-year free limited warranty starting from the day of purchase. The company is responsible for repairing or replacing the mattress for you, and you bear all shipping and handling costs. Please mind that any mattress that is used together with an electric blanket or heating pad will not be covered in the warranty any longer.

Our Recommendations

We Recommend Zinus Mattress To Those Who:

  • Prefer a budget-friendly mattress - Zinus mattress is priced remarkably lower than that from other brands on average, affordable to most buyers.
  • Want a medium firm feel - Zinus mattress is considered as medium or medium firm on average.

We Don't Recommend Zinus Mattress To Those Who:

  • Want a luxury and fancy mattress - Zinus mattress is of great value, but surely you can find a better product on the market that costs more.

Specific Models Information