Sealy Optimum Bed Review

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Sealy Optimum, for your optimum comfort.

Life Span7.8
Support & Comfort9
Motion Isolation9.2
Value for Money8.5


As a subsidiary of Tempur Sealy, Sealy Optimum, priced from $650 to $3,100, is made of gel-infused memory foam or latex over gel-infused support foam, which provides unprecedented temperature regulation for an ideal night's sleep.

We have made a conclusion about the pros and cons of Sealy Optimum, starting from which, a series of details concerning the specifications and suitability of the brand have been covered in this article.

Pros Cons
Model variety
Questionable support
Less motion transfer
Heat trap potential
No noise
Difficult to handle
Wide availability Poor durability

Detailed Evaluation

Models & Specifications

Sealy Optimum mattress has developed a wealth of different models to satisfy as many customers’ needs as possible. They are constructed from various materials, of different thickness and firmness levels, and spanning from a broad price range. The table below lists and rates some of the models of Sealy Optimum mattress in aspects of type, price, thickness, and firmness, hoping to help you select the most suitable product.

Model Mattress Type Price Thickness Firmness
Dream Latex $1,175 - 1,850 10'' Firm
Meadow Crest Latex $1,400 - 2,100 11'' Medium
Brasswood Latex $1,900 - 2,600 12'' Med-firm
Newness Latex $2,400 - 3,100 13'' Med-soft
Destiny Gold Memory foam $650 - 1,400 10'' Firm
Radiance Gold Memory foam $900 - 1,600 11'' Med-firm
Inspiration Gold Firm Memory foam $1,200 - 1,900 12'' Med-firm
Inspiration Gold Plush Memory foam $1,200 - 1,900 12'' Medium
Elation Gold Memory foam $1,700 - 2,400 13'' Medium

Lifespan & Firmness

A majority of people complain about the sagging and support loss problems after three years of ownership. Sealy Optimum has a big range of firmness levels, which gives buyers multiple choices.

Conforming Ability & Couple Friendly

Performing well in the aspect of conforming, Sealy Optimum is a good choice for people who want to have pressure-point relief sensation. With a limited bouncing effect, Sealy Optimum mattresses are regarded as negative for couples.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

Owners can change position freely on Sealy Optimum mattresses without disturbing the partner thanks to less motion transfer. Sealy Optimum enables people to sit or sleep at the edge of the mattress without sliding off. And, few people report poor edge support.

Initial Odor & Sleeping Hot

Quite a number of people complain about the unpleasant initial odor in the period of using Sealy Optimum mattress. People who usually sleep hot might as well choose other mattresses because Sealy Optimum has a troublesome heat trap that will make sleepers uncomfortable.

Noise & Break-in Period

Similar to most mattresses, Sealy Optimum mattress seldom has noise when sleepers lie or move on it. The break-in period depends on different models, and like most foam mattresses, it may take a long time for people to get used to the mattress especially for firm models.

Maintain & Move

It is advised to rotate the mattress regularly as a strategy for avoiding the sagging and wear though flipping the mattress is highly discouraged. Designed with no handles and weighing about 40-130 lbs depending on different sizes and models, Sealy Optimum will be difficult for people to move.

Customer Service


The Sealy Optimum mattress covers ten years of total, and non-prorated warranty similar to other Sealy products.

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