Ikea Mattress

Overall Rating



IKEA aims to achieve quality at affordable prices for their customers.

Life Span6
Support & Comfort6.5
Motion Isolation7
Value for Money9.5


As a world's leading furniture retailer, IKEA works hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for their customers.

IKEA offers spring mattress, foam/memory foam mattress, latex and hybrid mattress, each type coming with multiple models for customers to choose from. The price range of Ikea Mattresses is $90 - $1,200, and most of their products are priced under $500. With the low costs and long trial period (365 days), Ikea Mattress can be a smart choice for people on a tight budget.

Generally speaking, most of IKEA’s mattresses offer a firm feel which makes it difficult to be considered as conforming since the medium firmness is most people's choice. Apart from the less-than-ideal firmness, its durability can be a disappointment too.

The Good The Bad
Multiple Models Below-average durability
Low price Too firm for many people
365-day trial period Inadequate support for large-sized people
Widely available Need topper to improve comfort

Detailed Evaluation


All three kinds of mattresses tend to have a below-average lifespan according to thousands of customer reviews.

Ikea Spring Mattresses receive many complaints about it's sagging and development of body impressions problems. It seems that thicker models receive more complaints than thinner ones.

Ikea Foam / Memory Foam Mattresses are reported to have sagging issues. To ensure long support, the thickness of the comfort layer should be within one inch. However,  Ikea's comfort layers are all thicker than 2", which may answer the question why thicker models receive more complaints about rapid degeneration.

Ikea latex mattresses are reported to have body impression development issue, which is in fact a shared problem for all latex mattresses in general.


All Ikea mattresses have covers made from polyester and rayon except for the Holmsbu hybrid model.

Among all the foam mattresses, the cheaper models' comfort layers are made from polyurethane foam while the pricer ones use memory foam layers that provide better pressure relief.

Since some models lack a well-constructed support layer, they cannot escape the destiny of sagging after a few years.

The newly launched Morgongåva mattress (unavailable online) contains one layer made of 85% natural latex and 15% synthetic latex. This mattress is not available online.


  • Jömna has been canceled and removed from Ikea's website, but it may be available through Amazon.com or retailers.
  • The newly launched Morgongåva mattress is not available online.
  • All the other models can be purchased from Ikea store, Ikea's website, Amazon.com or other retailers.


On a 1 to 8 scale with 1 being the softest and 8 being the firmest, here we can view the firmness levels of all the models clearly on the chart.

Ikea spring5
Ikea Latex6
Ikea foam7

Customer Service


IKEA mattress provides a 25-year limited warranty from the date of purchase and the original receipt is required as proof of purchase. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

What is not covered under this warranty?

  • It doesn't cover mattresses that have been installed, stored, used or cleaned incorrectly.
  • It doesn't cover normal wear and tear.
  • It doesn't cover consequential or incidental damages.


Unlike the vast majority of mattress brands available for online selling, Ikea Mattress offers no free shipping service. Shipping costs vary depending on the city and state you live in.

Trial Period

IKEA offers a 365-day trial period for all of its mattresses. If you find that the mattress is not satisfactory during the period, IKEA has a “Love it or Exchange it” return policy.

Recycling Plan

If you purchase a mattress from IKEA and have it delivered to your home, IKEA will recycle your old mattress for free.

We Would Recommend the Ikea Mattress to Sleepers Who:

  • Like a firm-feel mattress - The Ikea mattresses, in general, all tend to be firm or medium-firm.
  • On a tight budget - You can have a queen mattress for $200, which is an incomparable strength compared to other mattress brands.

Series & Models Comparison

Ikea Spring Mattress

Model Firmness Thickness Comfor layer Comfort layer thickness Price
Jomna medium 5.8" fiberfill 1" $80
Hasvag med-firm 8.25" foam 2" $120-$200
Haugesund med-firm to firm 10" fiberfill, foam 3.5" $170-$350
Haugsvar med-firm to firm 11" fiberfill, foam 4.5" $300-$500
Hesstun med-firm to firm 12.5" fiberfill, foam, springs 5" $400-$600
Hjellestad med-firm 15" fiberfill, memory foam, foam, springs 7" $680-$800
Holmsbu med-firm 17.7" fiberfill, memory foam, foam, springs 9" $880-$1000

Ikea Foam/Memory Foam Mattress

Model Firmness Thickness Comfor layer Comfort layer thickness Price
Minnesund firm 3.85" foam - $90-$170
Meistervik firm 4.75" foam - $150-$220
Morgedal med-firm to firm 8.65" foam 2.4" $200-$400
Matrand firm 7.1" memory foam 2" $300-$500
Myrbacka Memory foam firm 9.5" memory foam 3" $480-$600
Knapstad med-firm 9" memory foam - $579-$599

Ikea Latex/Hybrid Mattress

Model Firmness Thickness Comfor layer Comfort layer thickness Price
Matrand med-firm 7.1" latex 2" $300-$500
Myrbacka Latex med-firm 9.5" latex 3" $480-$600
Morgongava med-firm 7.8" latex - $600-$1200

Specific Models Information