Englander Bed Review

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Crafted with Care.

Life Span7.5
Support & Comfort8
Motion Isolation9
Value for Money8


As a brand of Southerland mattress founded over a century ago, Englander, combining the state-of-the-art design with the world's old craftsmanship, aims to provide the excellent mattress system for people who want a more comfortable night's sleep. The price of the Englander mattress has a wide range starting from $400 to 3,300. Compared with the mattresses from other brands, Englander mattress costs relatively less.

Englander has developed a variety of models with different thickness and firmness levels, attempting to satisfy as many customers as possible. This article describes the detailed information of the brand and aims to give you a hand for purchasing the most suitable mattress.

Pros Cons
Model Variety Poor durability
Less motion transfer
Poor owner satisfaction
No noise
Questionable customer service
Long-time warranty
Unpleasant off-gassing

Detailed Evaluation

Products & Specifications

As mentioned above, there are several different kinds of products under the brand of Englander. The table below rates some of the products of Englander Mattress in price, size, thickness, firmness, layer, mattress type, etc. It contains the general information about mattress model for customers to choose.

Product Mattress Type Price Range Firmness Thickness Comfort layer
Englander Innerspring Innerspring $400-2,100 Soft to firm 9-12'' Foam, fiber
Englander Viscopedic Memory foam $700-1,800 Not Disclosed 12'' Memory foam
Englander Nature's Finest Latex $1,500-3,300 Not Disclosed 12'' Latex

Lifespan & Firmness

Most Englander mattresses made of innerspring and latex appear to have the problem of compression and sagging that results in uneasiness for consumers. Rated as soft-to-firm, Englander is proper for the small-sized and average-sized person. People who are large-sized may need to choose some other firm mattress.

Conforming Ability & Motion Isolation

Englander mattress with the fabric encased coils contours to the body's shape and weight for conforming support and comfort. It performs above average when it comes to the motion isolation of Englander mattresses. Englander mattress absorbs the movements to provide people motionless and undisturbed sleep.

Edge Support & Couple Friendly

Like most mattresses, Englander will sag or wear if people sit or sleep on the edge of the bed. It would be a little difficult to move on the mattress, and it is not well suited for multiple sexual positions due to its poor edge support, which makes Englander mattresses not friendly enough for couples.

Initial Odor & Sleeping Hot

Performing no better than the average mattress on this issue, Englander seems to give off an unpleasant chemical-like odor at the beginning. The memory-foam-made mattresses, in particular, perform poorly in the aspect of sleeping hot and may result in the heat-trap for someone.

Noise & Break-in Period

Englander performs well in this aspect since foam and latex models appear to be silent. However, the spring models may have a little noise when using. And, people may need a long time to get adjusted to Englander mattress due to the initial unpleasant odor.

Maintain & Move

Englander cannot be flipped since it was designed one-sided. However, some people think that mattresses need to be rotated regularly to prevent it from sagging. It will be difficult for people to handle or move the Englander mattress since it tends to weigh above the average mattresses.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

Based on our findings and customer feedbacks, Englander mattress can almost meet all sleepers’ needs no matter how much you weigh or in what positions you prefer to sleep. However, every specific product has special features that may or may not suit you. It’s necessary to ask the dealer for more details before you make your final decision.

Customer Service

Maintenance & Warranty

Englander mattress was designed with no flip and one-sided. Thus it will be difficult for owners to rotate regularly to avoid its sagging and wear. Englander provides a 10 or 20 years of warranty with the first 5-10 years non-prorated.

Specific Models Information