Simmons Bed Review

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Enjoy your sweet home life thanks to the classic Simmons mattress.

Life Span7.5
Support & Comfort8.2
Motion Isolation8.8
Value for Money8


Simmons is a brand that has been in existence for more than 140 years, indicating that it is a name that many customers are very familiar with. Simmons is famous for their signature Beautyrest line of advanced sleep technology.

The entry-level models start from as low as $350, while the most luxurious models, especially Black, cost $5050 or more. The mattress comes in a variety of comfort and firmness options to suit all its customers' preferences with various prices and models. We are here presenting you with more details that may give you a better understanding of the brand.

The Good
The Not So Good
Better than average motion isolation
Fair-at-best durability
Less heat retention Sagging problem
Widely available
Not so much information disclosed
Above-average edge support Higher noise

Detailed Evaluation

Products & Specifications

The table below lists the details of some of the models of Simmons mattress in price, type, thickness, and firmness. Hopefully, it will help you make better choices in finding the most suitable mattress. For more specific information of any particular model, you can turn to dealers for help.

Products Mattress Type Price Range Thickness Firmness
Beautysleep Innerspring $340 - 750 10 - 14'' Medium to firm
Recharge Innerspring $400 - 1,300 10.5 - 15''
Mostly medium to firm
Recharge Hybrid Memory foam hybrid $750 - 2,500 11.5 - 15.5''
Medium soft to firm
Platinum Innerspring $650 - 1,700 12.5 - 16'' Soft to firm
Platinum Hybrid Memory foam hybrid $1,250 - 2,800 13 - 16.5'' Soft to firm
Recharge World Class Innerspring or memory foam hybrid $800 - 1,850 12.5 - 17'' Soft to firm
Black Memory foam hybrid $1,350 - 5,050 12 - 17'' Soft to firm

Pain Reduction

Simmons mattress suffers from severe sagging problems that may undermine the comfort and support of it. Therefore, a significant number of customers report that Simmons mattress would cause their back pain because of the deterioration, sagging, and deformation.

Motion Isolation

Beautyrest models are effective in isolating movement made by one person so that the partner is not much disturbed when lying on the bed. The mattresses tend to perform above average in couple friendliness.

Sleeping Hot & Initial Odor

A few sleepers report sleeping hot problem. Models that have significant memory foam have the most potential to retain heat to an uncomfortable extent. Off-gassing problem is not a primary issue for Simmons. The unpleasant odor is given off when it is new because of the packaging or manufacturing process.

Couple Suitability

Generally, innerspring beds tend to have above average ratings because of the bounce action they provide. The models of Beautyrest, tend to limit bounce with the memory foam content and its motion-isolating pocket coil design.

Topper Usage

Most of the customers need to add a topper to the mattress so as to improve the comfort. So if you find the mattress too firm for you, or you are in the habit of using a topper, please feel free to add one.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

Based on construction analysis and customer feedbacks, we have made a recommendation for customers according to your size and the position you prefer to sleep in. Seen from the table below, Simmons mattresses suit almost all customers that weigh between 130 lbs and 230 lbs. As for large-sized or small-sized sleepers, we have also listed the models that suit you the best.

Sleep Position Ave-sized People (130-230 lbs) Large-sized People (230+ lbs)
Small-sized People (Less than 130 lbs)
Back Sleep Friendly All All, but Beautysleep
Recharge Hybrid, Platinum, Platinum Hybrid, Black
Side Sleep Friendly All All, but Beautysleep, Recharge, Recharge World Class
Beautysleep, Recharge, Platinum, Recharge World Class
Stomach Sleep Friendly All All, but Beautysleep, Recharge,
All, but Recharge Hybrid, Recharge World Class

Customer Service


Simmons mattress carries a 10-year limited warranty period. For the first 2 years, you can replace and repair a Simmons mattress for free (excluding transportation charge) due to manufacturing defects.

Specific Models Information