Loom & Leaf Bed Review

Overall Rating



An innovative and elevated development on memory foam mattress keeps you cool and comfortable all night.

Life Span7.5
Support & Comfort7.6
Motion Isolation9.5
Value for Money8.2


Made in the US by Saatva, Loom & Leaf is a kind of luxury memory foam mattress. Compared with mattresses with similar specifications, the price of Loom & Leaf is lower. Meanwhile, it is also priced lower than the average mattress and main competitors.

Rated as the best-reviewed mattress company on the internet, Loom & Leaf are confident that customers will take them as the first choice because of the reliable warranty service, first-class customer service, and 120-day home trial. This review article contains the information you need to know if you want to buy a suitable mattress. Now, let’s start with the pros and cons of Loom & Leaf mattresses.

Pros Cons
120-day home trial
Fair edge support
Strong customer service
Questionable lifespan
Full-service delivery
Difficult to move or maintain
Sleeping cool
Relatively young company

Detailed Evaluation

Models & Specifications

Two models, Relaxed Firm and Firm, have been developed to meet more customers’ needs. The table below contains the basic specification of Loom & Leaf mattress, including size, mattress type, thickness, price, firmness, and comfort layer.

Product Relaxed Firm Firm
Size Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Mattress Type Memory foam Memory foam
Price $700 - 1,400 $700 - 1,400
Thickness 12'' 12''
Firmness Medium-firm Firm
Comfort Layer Memory foam, gel memory foam, center third lumber gel panel
Memory foam, gel memory foam, center third lumber gel panel

Lifespan & Firmness

Established in March 2015, the owners of the Loom & Leaf have rated the mattress as fair in terms of durability due to its average performance with similar specifications. It is divided into two models of mattresses under this brand, med-firm and firm.

Conforming Ability & Couple Friendly

With equal weight distribution that can minimize the pressure points, the confirming ability of Loom & Leaf is considered as above the average mattress. Users take Loom & Leaf mattress as unfriendly for couples because of its little or no bounce.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

Loom & Leaf has an apparent strength - it can absorb the disturbance from one person to another. According to the investigation, it is considered inadequate for people to sit or sleep near the bed's edge.

Initial Odor & Sleeping Hot

Based on data from owners, Loom & Leaf has some unpleasant odor, which is worse than that of most chief competitors. Quite a few people report the bothersome heat retention and only a handful of people think that it is cool to sleep on the mattress.

Noise & Topper Usage

In general, mattresses made of foam are mostly quiet. And this is also the case with Loom & Leaf mattress. About 8% owners need to add a topper to lessen its firmness and increase its comfortable support.

Maintain & Move

To prevent the mattress from sagging, owners had better rotate it 2-3 times regularly a year. However, it cannot be maintained easily due to its weight. Loom & Leaf mattress will be a little difficult for people to handle due to its heavy weight.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

This table below shows how the Loom & Leaf mattress models perform for sleepers with various sleep positions and body shapes. It helps you choose the most comfortable mattress models.

Sleep Position Ave-sized People (130-230 lbs) Large-sized People (230+ lbs)
Small-sized People (Under 130 lbs)
Back Sleep Friendly Excellent Good Good
Side Sleep Friendly Good Fair Fair
Stomach Sleep Friendly Good Fair Fair

Customer Service

Free-trial & Warranty

Loom & Leaf provides a 120-day free trial service, making sure the product you take home is the one for you. All you need to do is bear the transportation cost of $99. Also, it has a 15-year non-prorated warranty.