Stearns & Foster Bed Review

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Stearns & Foster - crafting the world’s finest bed for every sleeper.

Life Span8
Support & Comfort9
Motion Isolation9.2
Value for Money8


Stearns & Foster is a sub-brand of the world’s largest bedding provider Tempur Sealy International, Inc. As the first American manufacturer of luxury mattresses, with its time-honored traditions, Stearn & Foster is well known for the handcrafted and superior quality, together with its constantly innovative technologies that intend to provide sleepers with the world’s finest bed.

If you are interested in the highest degree of comfortableness and have an optimistic budget for mattress purchasing, Stearns & Foster is the right brand for you. It has numerous products of various sizes and features at different prices for all sleepers with individual needs. In this article, we will display some of the features of Stearns & Foster mattresses, hoping you can have a general idea about the brand and its products.

The Good
The Not So Good
Luxurious material & advanced design Expensive
Exceptional quality
Unsatisfying durability
Upscale appearance
Heavy and difficult to move
Strong edge support
Not so easy to get on/off

Detailed Evaluation

Basic Information of Stearns & Foster Mattress

Now Stearns & Foster has four collections available - Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid, and Reserve - to offer different levels of comfort, support, technology, and indulgence. For staring price of $1,499-3,499, what exactly can you get from a mattress? Does it perform well in aspects of heat retention, motion isolation or pressure relieving? Read through this part, and you will learn about it.

Collections Starting Price (Queen) Thickness Comfort Layer
Reserve $3,499 16'' - 17''
Memory foam; Gel memory foam; Hybrid and standard pillow top layers
Lux Estate Hybrid $2,499 13 1/2'' - 15''
Memory foam; Gel memory foam
Lux Estate $2,499 14'' - 16 1/2''
Memory foam; Pillow top layer
Estate $1,499 14'' - 15 1/2''
Memory foam; Gel memory foam

Compositions & Constructions

The Estate Collection, as the basic collection of the brand, has a top layer of standard memory foam and a bottom layer of gel memory foam. Also, the bed is well supported with pocketed coils and encased in polyfoam. Although it is the least expensive one among the four collections, the Estate hasn’t failed in satisfying customers with its top-notch performance.

The Lux Estate Collection features a PrimaCool Performance Fabric on its top layer and gel memory foam on its bottom layer. Like the Estate Collection, it also uses pocketed coils encased in polyfoam on the support layer. The material wicks away perspiration, making sure that you have a cool night’s sleep. Besides, the mattress contours to your body and adapts well to your size and sleep position, which ensures a terrific pressure relieving effect.

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection has the half-foam and half-spring construction, with a comfort system consisting of two layers of standard memory foam and one layer of gel memory foam. The materials are specially selected for better cooling, and keeping you away from sleeping hot in the night. Also, the IntelliCoil advanced system provides high-level support to your body when you lie on the mattress.

The Reserve Collection is the best collection with all the features because of its key components: hybrid pillow top layer, gel memory foam layer, another pillow top layer, and a bottom layer of standard memory foam. Exquisite materials like PrimaCool Performance fabric, Advanced Adapt foam, PrimaSense Gel foam, and innovative Intellicoil Advanced technology make your mattress breathable and soft, giving you a relaxed and refreshing sleep. Furthermore, the hybrid pillowtop can enhance the edge support of the mattress, and improve its overall performance.

If you often wake up soaked in sweats, the Stearns & Foster mattress may help you because all the collections have air vents on the side to ensure better air articulation.

Lifespan & Durability

Although it is claimed that the mattress of Stearns & Foster can last a good six to seven years, in line with most mattresses from other brands, some owners find severe sagging, early deterioration or body impression problems. Actually, its relatively poor performance in durability is the primary cause of owner dissatisfaction and customer complaints.

Edge Support

As mentioned above in the Construction part, Stearns & Foster mattresses have foam encased support cores that can provide sturdy edge support. Hybrid mattresses tend to perform better. Unless you are large-sized and in the habit of sitting or lying on the edge area a lot, the support is deemed as perfectly adequate.

Motion Isolation

It could be such a tiresome thing that you are frequently woken up by your partner when he or she moves or shifts positions at night. Stearns & Foster mattresses, owing to the thick layers of foam, can effectively absorb motion transfer and alleviate disturbance although it can not be eliminated entirely.

Heat Retention

Because of the thick foam layers, Stearns & Foster mattresses tend to trap heat. In fact, a considerable percent of owners report they wake up feeling hot. All collections from the brand have air vents on the side for improved breathability and better articulation. Hybrid collection constructed with innerspring and memory foam performs better.

Odor & Noise

It seems inevitable that a new mattress emits some initial odor when first unpackaged. According to some owners of Stearns & Foster mattresses, there is unpleasant smell in the early few days, but it goes away gradually. In addition, the mattress generates little noise when sleepers lie or sit on it, ensuring a quiet night sleep.

Break-in Period & Conforming

The Break-in period of Stearns & Foster mattress is a little bit longer than that of other brands. It takes customers 2-3 weeks to finally get used to the mattress. Owing to the exquisite advanced materials, the mattress, foam mattress in particular, conforms more closely with your body and benefits your health by relieving the pressure.

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

Sleep Position Small-sized sleeper Average-sized sleeper
Large-sized sleeper
Side sleeper All All
Lux Estate, Reserve
Back sleeper All All
Lux Estate, Lux Hybrid
Stomach sleeper All except for Lux Estate Lux Estate /

Please mind that the suitability is determined on a general basis of collections instead of specific models, and you need to be more careful with the specifications of individual products when making decisions. Since the company doesn’t provide sleep trial service, it’s necessary to select the right product at the beginning.

Thickness & Weight

With the average weight of 14.5 inches, it would be difficult for some people to get on or off the bed, especially for short sleepers. Therefore, a high foundation can be a bad choice sometimes. And Stearns & Foster mattress weighs much heavier than other mattresses because of its thickness. So it takes some efforts to move or lift the bed.

Customer Service

Trial Period

Stearns & Foster mattresses are available through online third-party retailers like Macy’s, and brick-and-mortar stores offline. The company doesn’t provide free trial service. You need to consult the store and retailer you choose for detailed information in this aspect.


You can enjoy a 10-year non-prorated warranty for any mattress purchased, which means you can resort to the company for help in repairing or replacing your mattress, and you only need to pay for the cost caused by transportation and inspection.

Any physical damage that caused by owner’s misuse, such as tears, burns or cuts, shall not be covered in the warranty.

Our Recommendations

We Recommend Stearns & Foster To Those Who

  • Want to enjoy luxury and premium at a relatively affordable price. Cashmere cover, silk, wool quilting, and other advanced materials make Stearns & Foster a really exquisite brand.
  • Want to enjoy an innerspring mattress with better softness.
  • Would like to have a wide range of choices because Stearns & Foster has a variety of models developed from four exclusive collections.

We Don’t Recommend Stearns & Foster To Those Who

  • Are not into buying a high-end mattress.
  • Really need to try the mattress before they buy it.