Memory Foam Topper Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

Basic Info

Memory foam topper is made from polyurethane with several density-increasing chemicals. They will mold to your body and guarantee that you have an excellent night’s sleep. For people who have back pain, memory foam topper will be a good choice.

Pros Cons
Widely available in many varieties Initial odor
Significantly improve comfort Sleeping hot especially for thicher models
Fewer allergies A little expensive
No bed bugs Fairly heavy

Memory Foam Topper As A Group


Range from $40 to $290 according to different brands and memory foam thickness


Memory foam mattress toppers usually have a lifespan of about three to four years with everday use.


Toppers of 1-inch memory foam are generally medium firm, while models with thicker memory foam tend to be softer

Motion isolation

Models with thicker memory foam perform better in motion isolation.

Conforming ability

Similar to motion isolation, models with thicker memory foam provide better-conforming ability.

Easy to move on

Generally speaking, memory foam toppers are hard to move on.

Edge support

Firmer models provide better edge support.

No odor

Memory foam toppers tend to give off a chemical-like odor for the first a few days.

No sleeping hot

Memory foam toppers as a group have a bigger chance of trapping heat, and thicker toppers have more heat-related complaints than thinner ones.

Sex friendly

Overall, the sex suitability of memory foam topper has been flat.

People of different size

  • Avg-sized person friendly: Most avg-sized people find it quite comfortable on memory foam toppers.
  • Heavy person friendly: Heavy people can get a pretty good experience on memory foam toppers.
  • Light person friendly: They are not so friendly for the light person.

Top-Rated Memory Foam Topper

Red Nomad Gel Swirl Serta Dream Foam Comfort Dreams
Price $70-$155 $42-$155 $70-$280 $46-$80 $37-$290
Thickness 2 - 4 inches 2 - 4 inches 2 - 4 inches 2 inches 1 - 4 inches
Density 2.5 lb 2.5 lb 4 lb 3 lb 2.5-4 lb
Gel infused no yes no yes no
CertiPUR-US Certificated yes no no yes no
Outstanding Feature top-rated memory foam topper top-rated gel-infused memory foam topper top-selling memory foam topper top-rated CertiPUR-US Certified gel-infused memory foam topper \

Memory Foam Density

Memory foam density indicates the weight of its foam. A foam with 2.5 lb density indicates that a cubic foot of the foam weighs 2.5 pounds. Toppers with different memory foam density show different performance in aspects including lifespan, firmness, conforming ability and so on. The common density that is produced is ranged from 2lbs to 5lbs.

Low Density(2.5 - 3 lb) Medium Density(3.5 - 4 lb) High Density(4.5 - 5+ lb)
Price $40-$100 $100-$180 $180-$290
Lifespan 3 to 4 years 3 to 4 years 5 years or more
Conforming ability Low average high
Edge support Low average high
Sex friendly high average Low
Easy to lift high average Low

Sleeping Hot

Thicker memory foam toppers are more likely to have heat-related complaints than thinner ones since users often sink deeper into thicker toppers.

Gel-infused memory foam tends to provide a much longer cooling experience than regular memory foam during sleep, while all the other parameters seem to remain equal.

Warranty Coverage

Memory foam toppers often provide a warranty scope of 2-5 years.