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After a thorough researching of mattresses, pillows and other sleeping accessories from all kinds of information sources, here we present a summary of our findings to help you enjoy a better sleep. A mattress in good quality should be uniformly thick and flat. It’s also important for a good mattress to stand stable either in a horizontal or a vertical position.

A good mattress should be made of breathability materials. Human skins are densely packed with more than 3 million pores which secret sweat, metabolize sebum and regulate body temperature. Since cell division becomes very active in evening, mattress made with airtight material may clog the pores and even affect the endocrine system.

Proper resilience, neither too firm nor too tender, is also essential in picking a perfect mattress. Moreover, since people with different sleep postures require mattresses of varied firmness, it’s better to lie down and try it in person.

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Mattress Reviews by Category

Eight types of mattresses are introduced and reviewed with detailed information on our websites. To let users understand the differences between these types quickly, here is a brief description of commonly used mattresses with pros and cons, price, construction, firmness and durability comparisons.

Read the full analysis at Mattress Type Comparison. Or choose a type below for detailed ratings and reviews.

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Mattress Brand Comparison: Side-By-Side

We've collected detailed information about many popular mattress brands and models on this page, and new brands will constantly be updated. Here you may choose up to three mattresses to compare prices, sizes, product information and user experience. It might offer some help when you are interested in two or three mattress models but find it hard to decide which one to choose.

Compare all the mattress brands and models at Side-by-Side Mattress Comparison. The chart includes many popular mattress brands and the number is growing.

Buying Online

Buying a mattress online has its similarities and differences comparing to buying in a store.

Buying Online Buying From Store
Order from home Try in person mattress before purchase
Have it delivered to home Mostly no shippment service
Lower price with free trail possible Haggling down price with the salesperson
No need to deal with salesperson Hit up several stores to find the right mattress

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Back Pain Relief

A mattress plays a significant role in preventing back pain or making it worse. If you are a back pain sufferer, this article might be helpful for you since it focuses on searching out which kind of mattress is the best for back pain relief. Comparisons are made from two important aspects - firmness levels and types of mattresses.

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Mattress Firmness Guide

People with different body weights and sleeping positions have different firmness preferences. From ultra-soft to ultra-firm, you can find your ideal firmness level when purchasing a mattress. If you aren't sure which firmness works best for you, then consider buying a mattress that neither too firm nor too soft.

Broad Waist Medium To Medium-Firm Medium-Firm Medium To Firm
Broad Shoulders Medium Medium-Soft To Medium-Firm Medium To Medium-Firm
Broad Hips Medium-Soft To Medium-Firm Medium To Medium-Firm Medium-Firm
About Equally Broad Shoulders, Waist, Hips Medium To Medium-Firm Medium-Firm Medium To Firm

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Mattress Lifespan

Lifespan usually refers to the length of a mattress's useful life. Higher-priced mattresses are often made with more durable materials and design. Mattress lifespan can vary by mattress type. Airbeds and Latex beds often outlive other types of mattresses, and Futon mattresses are reported to have the shortest lifespan compared with others.

Mattress Motion Isolation

A mattress with good motion isolation absorbs a person's movement during sleep so that the person on the other side of the bed won't be disturbed. But a possible downside is that a mattress with good motion isolation often has limited bounce. A mattress with good motion isolation absorbs a person's movement during sleep so that the person on the other side of the bed won't be disturbed. But a possible downside is that a mattress with good motion isolation often has limited bounce. Memory foam mattresses often perform better than other types of mattresses in motion isolation.

Mattress Weight

Different mattresses can vary considerably in their weight.The following chart shows the pros and cons of heavy and light mattresses.

Heavy Mattress Light Mattress
Feeling substantial and expensive Often not expensive
Move around less on its base Easy to transport, move
Need less maintenance More likely to move on its base
Sex Suitability

Sex should be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress for couples. The following chart rates different types of mattresses from several factors that may affect the sex suitability of mattresses.

Memory Foam Latex Innerspring Air Memory Foam Hybrid
No noise
Position options
Entire surface suitable
Cleanup ease

For suggestions on sex-friendly mattresses, read the full analysis at Mattresses Suitable for Romance .

Mattress Guide For Large & Small People

Popular and top-rated mattresses are not usually good choices for large and small people since the rates are given mostly from average-sized people. Here we offer some guidance for heavy and light people from different aspects including mattress types, thickness, firmness, density, edge support, sleeping hot and sleeping positions.

Large-sized People (230 + Lbs) Small-sized People (Under 130 Lbs)
Back sleeper Medium-firm/Firm Medium-soft/Soft
Side sleeper Medium-firm/Firm Soft
Stomach sleeper Firm Medium-firm
All positions combined Medium-firm Medium-firm

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All About Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses refer to the mattresses with several inches of additional padding foam sewn into the top. They are mostly found in innerspring beds and air beds. The key selling point of a pillow top mattress is the extra softness and conformity it provides.

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And we also provide detailed reviews about kinds of pillows like Memory Foam Pillow and more. Read the full analysis of pillows at Pillow Reviews.

Maintenance and Care

Regular retroflexion - On the first year of ownership, it’s suggested to rotate the mattress front and back, right and left, head and foot every two or three months. Then owners will only need to rotate it every half a year. Regular rotating is helpful to make sure the mattress are uniformly forced. Do not lie down on the mattress right after the shower or when you are sweaty. Vacuum the mattress regularly to keep it dry and clean.

Mattress Warranty

Since certain parts of our mattresses need to be fixed during everyday use, it's necessary to make it clear about mattress warranty rules. Mattress warranties usually cover manufacturing defects and structural failure, but they do not cover discomfort issues. Moreover, Mattresses can and often do have their legitimate warranties voided due to improper foundation/frame, stains, and removing the law tag.

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Mattress Topper

Just like pillows and mattress, quality toppers like Memory Foam Topper can also help to improve your sleeping comfort at night. A quality topper should breathe well, enhance sleeping comfort, and improve the overall performance of your mattress.

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Memory Foam Density

Memory foam mattresses are available in different densities which have an impact on a few essential characteristics of mattresses including firmness, comfort, weight, durability and price. To choose the suitable density level, you need to learn the basic information about low, medium and high-density memory foam.

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Adjustable Bed Base Review

Adjustable beds allow users to elevate or tilt the sleep surface or mattress to suit the desired position better. Adjustable beds are available in 3 prices levels: low-end ($600-$1100), mid-range ($1101-$1500 ) and high-end ($1501-$3500+). Usually, a higher price means more features and improved comfort.

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