UNBIASEDDuxiana (Dux) Mattress Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

What You Need To Know

PROS. Above-average longevity • Adjustable support • Pain relief products • Prestigious

CONS. Expensive • Average warranty • Questionable return policy • Limited availability • Pricey maintenance

COMPETITION: See Side-by-Side Mattress Comparison to get detailed reviews about how Duxiana Mattresses compare to other mattress brands.

BASIC INFO: Started its business since 1926, Duxiana is a Swedish-made mattress which features a replaceable cotton-covered latex top to provide individualized comfort areas for each side of the mattress.

Overall Ratings

Our Duxiana (Dux) Mattress ratings are based on consumer experiences - the data below is unbiased with truthful contents and up-to-date product information. Take a look at how Duxiana (Dux) Mattress rates comparing to the average level of mattresses.

Price $3,700-$12,600
Lifespan Different from most innerspring mattresses, Dux Beds can extend its lifespan considerably by repairing with new parts, such as a new topper.
Firmness Provided with a big range of firmness adjustability, people will tend to choose Dux which has large comfort zones allowing adjustability for people's shoulders, legs, and back.
Conforming ability A mattress with the good conforming ability is one that contours to the sleeper's body resulting in a pressure-point-free sensation. The Dux beds with the memory or latex models tend to perform above average on this issue.
Motion isolation The continuous coil system of Dux Bed performs above average mattress regarding the motion transfer from one person to another.
Edge support Mattresses with good edge support enable individuals to sleep or sit on the side of the bed without sliding off. Dux performs well regarding the edge support and better than the average mattress.
Sex friendly It depends on different models. Dux performs poorly for sex with the mattress made from innerspring and memory foam, while it performs well with the latex-made beds.
No initial odor The latex top of Dux mattress may have some unpleasant odor to some degree.
No sleeping hot For some people, Duxiana probably will have the troublesome heat retention which makes people feel uncomfortable.
No noise It is reported that Dux makes noises like squeaking or creaking during the using period.
No need of topper Consumers can decide whether to add a topper to the mattress or not depending on their requirements and needs.
Short break-in period People can get used to Dux mattress in a short time due to the firmness variety.
Easy to maintain It is necessary for owners to rotate the mattress regularly to make the mattress be maintained easily.
Easy to move Dux beds are difficult for people to handle and move due to its heavy weight which is heavier than the average bed.

Company Info

BedsReview provides accurate company information of Duxiana (Dux) Mattress - see how the company rates comparing to the average level of mattress manufacturers.

Name Duxiana
Time in Business 1926
Return Policy Some owners report that Dux offers the 10-day return policy, while others report it accepts no returns.
Specifics Disclosing good
BBB rating no rating
Warranty 20-year warranty with 5-year non-prorated
Purchase Channel stores

Price & Value

Contrased with most other brands of mattresses, Dux Beds are comparatively more expensive than those with general similar specifications.

Maintenance & Waranty

It is common sense to make the head-to-foot rotation occasionally to prevent and minimize sagging. However, several persons will be required to doing so given its heavy weight. Dux Beds provides 20 years warranty 5 years included are non-prorated.

See Mattress Warranty: All You Need to Know.

Series & Models Info




Feature:model variety, mattresses made of innerspring, memory foam, latex, air, and futon


Mattress Height:9.25-12.5"


Selling Point:1. keep owners' spine line; 2. continuous coil spring design; 3. aim to offer deep sleep

All Models Comparison

The table below rates all the models of Duxiana (Dux) Mattress in price, size, thickness, firmness, cover, layer, mattress type and more. It contains the general information of mattress model for customers to choose.

Mattress typeinnerspring
Comfort layercotton-covered latex
Comfort layer thickness2.5"
Base layercontinuous coils
Base layer thickness--
Best uselong-term / regular

Sleep Position Suitability

This table below shows Duxiana (Dux) Mattress models for sleep position based on your personal size and body type. It helps you choose the most comfortable mattress models.

Ave-sized People
(130 - 230 Lbs)
Large-sized People
(230 + Lbs)
Small-sized People
(Under 130 Lbs)
Duxiana Back Sleep Friendly
Side Sleep Friendly
Stomach Sleep Friendly

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